Absolute’s journey in the Health Industry started way back in 2013 where a group of seasoned professionals took a leap forward to ” MAKE A HEALTHIER INDIA”.

Our Very-Indian Dilemma

It is very difficult to believe on fitness supplements that have suddenly mushroomed everywhere. Though the name rings the confidence bells, one can never be sure of it as genuine. The packaging is deceptively close to the original and differentiating becomes an arduous task.

A Baby Step Towards Better Bodies

We Indians are slow starters no doubt, But once initiated, their indulgence grows in leaps & bounds. Suddenly majority teenagers are seen talking about their bodies and general fitness levels. This is a welcome change and we as fellow Indians appreciate it.

Benefiting Humanity Is Our Humblest Dream

Serving the mankind has always been the motto. We aim to create a dependable & worthwhile brand identity which can instill confidence, and trust among the consumers. We seek internal and external perspectives to identify and help us better understand the risks and opportunities associated with new and emerging issues. The issues identified are evaluated for their relevance to Absolute and their impact on economic, environmental and social aspects.

Both these above tasks are concurrently running. We have established ourselves as dependable and the feedback is very encouraging. The youth has acknowledged our hard work and they keep coming with valuable suggestions and unknowingly become part of this movement.

Proud to be part of the Make In India dream!

Shun foreign products that not only cost precious foreign exchange, they provide negligible employment to our fellow Indians. Its our mission to make India a trusted employment hub globally & uplift the mankind by providing enormous growth opportunities to the nation.

Mission & Vision

Absolute’s vision stands transparent from the day of its birth. The health supplements sector in India has been facing tough times due to fake & non-legit food supplements. Absolute aims to bring a revolutionary change by delivering quality and genuine products to the consumers. We at absolute believe that ethics and a democratic culture are the driving forces Of any well maintained business.

The team is solely value driven and believes building strongly bonded relationships among employees. Uplifting the living standards sf employees has been a top fundamental of the promoters. Sustainability of the basic pyramid : environmental-social-economic, is rested upon some core thoughts. Merely making profit & proliferating revenue is not the idea, Delivering outbound services & products to the consumers through extensive researches has been among the chief endeavors of the company. Absolute’s Chroma has always been spreading happiness & serving the mankind. We have tried to score merit and withstand every test in the public scrutiny. We owe a lot to the environment, hence believe in returning back much higher than we take from nature.