5 Ways to Get Fit This Winter

Getting up on a wintery morning is the toughest task. Warm bed, cold floor & walls, uninvitingly cold clothes all make it too hard to jump out. But this one mistake can negate all your bodybuilding efforts you took in summers. It pays to know how to keep body fit in winter so you don’t lose your great body shape.

Think about the great winter sports people indulge in. Is it possible without jumping out of bed? Winter exercise tips come handy to chisel your body further. With no threat of sweat, pushing for an extra rep or two is always on. Thank this winter season for the opportunity at no extra cost.

Don’t worry if you still don’t have a gym membership. We discuss some low cost ideas to keep fit this winter which are equally beneficial. You can also keep fit outside the gym and we show you how. A few tips for working out inside the gym are also here.

#1          The Office Staircase offers Multiple Possibilities

Climb the stairs quickly using your toes. Going down should also be quick enough. Take a deep breath and climb the stairs again. This should be good enough to ensure good blood flow.

Whenever you find time in between your work, attempt the above once or twice. This is a high intensity cardio and leg workout and gives good results.

As a variation, climb 2-3 steps at a time and sprinting a few steps. If you have walking space at each floor, some brisk walking helps too.

#2          Indoor Sports to Add Variety

Basket ball presents a good opportunity to stretch your arms and legs. A good intensity game can increase the blood flow and you may even sweat. Join some dance or aerobics program or try some steps at home with your earphones plugged in. Your chosen music tracks will help the session fly away.

A yoga or pilates session at the end will polish your day off in style.

#3          Workouts in the Comfort of your home

Clear some area in your living or spare room that is just enough for pushups, squats, sit ups and press ups. Some jumping or rope skipping can also be added to lighten your body. The added benefit of working out at home is you save time going to gym. These winter fitness tips not only save you from boredom but also open new opportunities.

#4          Rejuvenate your Gym Routine

Try your gym routine in new clothes. Studies suggest that new clothes help any athlete perform better. Winter, as such, keeps exhaustion & sweat away. This should pep you up to go for additional reps helping to chisel your body further.

If you have a monthly membership, try a different gym for winters. Again, studies show new environs freshen everyone up and you can perform much better.

This season, attempt a different set of exercises not done earlier. This move will also enhance your mood and a sense of achievement will make you feel better.

In winters, time flies quickly. Pack your gym gear while going to work. These are tried & tested winter workout tips to get most of the limited time at hand.

#5          Skiing, Skating, Running in snow

Here comes the real winter advantage. Gather your skiing or skating gear and rush out. Spend your time rigorously and burn maximum calories. You will be surprised how easy it is to exercise outside in winters to shed the extra flab.

For extra sensation, rope in some friends and get into a competition. The more the merrier it can turn into. It can no doubt be fun but satisfying also.

Don’t let cold to cancel your routine. Healthy routine aids in keeping your body immune to minor seasonal changes. Remember, if you physically enjoy winters, your body will acknowledge and participate actively. You both of you can enjoy like never before.