5 Ultimate Reasons for Using Whey Protein

Bodybuilding is in itself a huge market. You will find many magazines, websites and TV shows discussing on this particular topic. Magazines and websites have tons of bodybuilding related advertisements on every possible space. This really shows that the products advertised really work and the athletes have great confidence and this translates to good revenue.

Out of the many products advertised it is Whey Protein which sells the most. Whether you are trying to lose fat, tone up, build muscle or simply get fit and healthy, Whey Protein can really help you out to meet your goals. We give you the 5 best reasons why you should use whey protein powder.

The Five Reasons Why Using Whey Protein Makes Sense for BodyBuilders & Athletes

Protein is attributed to gaining muscles, lose stored fat and create a better version of themselves. But this is not all. Protein, especially Whey Protein provides other benefits that make our bodies better and fitter. Let us find out now.

#1          Increase Muscle and Loose Fat Simultaneously

Taking cue from most recommendations, bodybuilders often reduce their carbs but did not get results they wanted. In a recently conducted study where the participants were divided in two sections each and their intake was reduced by 400 calories. One section had whey protein and the rest some other beverage. After 4 months the whey consumers lost over 6 per cent of body fat and preserved their muscles better. This shows how beneficial whey protein is.

Tip: Reducing calories can make you feel hungry. You can always grab a whey protein bar.

#2          Increase Muscle Strength and Size

If you regularly attend gym and not getting the desired results then this will help you. Another research took 20 men who hit the gym regularly and gave 1 scoop (15 grams whey & casein protein) and 6 grams of free amino acids. After 2 months almost everyone had huge gains in fat free mass and muscle strength. Everyone was surprised at the results.

#3          Curb Your Hunger

Normally athletes grab a snack at the slight hint of hunger. Change this habit and consume 1-2 scoops of whey protein and see the difference. A research on 20 similar individuals gave noteworthy results. The participants reported suppressed hunger for around 4 hours. Basically the Whey reduced the hormone Ghrelin which tells the brain you are hungry. Whenever you are hungry, you now know what you should be doing.

#4          Convenient To Use

As training intensity moves up, your protein requirement also increase. Consuming protein from poultry and dairy sources becomes cumbersome. You need to calculate the number of eggs needed and weigh the cheese too. Drinking a protein shake with metered dosage in scoops is the best option. And to add to the plus point, drinking can take the least time for maximum benefit.

#5          Great Immunity Booster

Though resistance training is essential for building muscle mass and strength, it also decreases Glutathione levels which are directly linked to weak immunity. Whey protein powders often arrive with extra vitamins and minerals which include Glutathione. Replenishing Glutathione boosts immunity and our body stops losing precious other minerals fighting diseases.

Looking at these tips you can now understand why you should be using whey protein powder regularly.

Now include whey protein and try crossing your limits every time you hit the gym. We know you will grin from ear to ear.