How and When to Take Whey Protein?

Whey Protein is beneficial for those who follow a fitness regime regularly. To build strong muscle how would you know the best Whey Protein and how to consume them at what time.  Find out in this article. 

 If you hit the gym regularly, you would know the significance of Whey Protein, or might have been advised by many to add Whey protein in your diet to enhance your muscle strength and workout stamina. But very few would know about the amalgamation of proteins and how it works in your favour. Let’s find out some interesting facts about Whey Protein, and the best time to take it for beneficial purposes.  

What is Whey Protein?

Whey is basically the protein extracted from the cheese making process. It is the liquid form left out of curdled milk. When processed further into powder form, Whey Protein powder is formed that is quite a popular nutrition supplement across the world. Most of the bodybuilders and those related to the fitness industry use these protein supplements to fuse muscle power and stamina. Due to the quick absorption ability with the help of digestive enzymes, makes Whey Protein helpful in muscle recovery after workout. Whey Protein can be categorized in four types, and all of them have sufficient amount of BCAAs i.e. Branched Chain Amino Acids.

What are its types?

The basic division of Whey Protein types can be done as:

1.       Concentrate – Whey Protein Concentrate is a form of protein that contains less fat in relation to other proteins. Rather contains high levels of carbohydrates extracted from lactose, which is a type of sugar in dairy products and bioactive substances. This Whey Protein Concentrate is of around 30 – 90% weight. You will find the quantity of protein mentioned on the labels of the best Whey Protein Concentrate supplements offered by different nutrition brands.

 2.       Isolate – Whey Protein Isolate is a pure form of protein that doesn’t contain any fat and lactose that is found in Concentrate. The Isolate protein content weighs at least 90% in the supplements. 

3.       Hydrolysate – This type of protein is a bit hydrolyzed during the process of extraction, which means water is added to dilute it in a way that it becomes easier to digest. But in comparison to Isolate or Concentrate, it is a lot costlier. 

4.       Native – Native protein type is the purest form of all proteins as it is extracted directly from skimmed milk. Instead of a by-product from any dairy product it is a wholesome source of protein. Contains very less fat and lactose. The usual weight of this protein is 95% or much higher.

How much should you take?

Based on which nutrition brand you are using; the quantity of the serving differs. But mostly 30g of protein supplement should be consumed by an average adult. According to the research, this is the recommended amount of protein that is required to repair any muscle damage. By serving a sufficient amount of protein, you initiate muscle protein synthesis that helps in repairing the injured and boosts the production of new muscle tissues. Also, the best Whey Protein supplements can reduce your body fats and makes you not only strong but helps in building lean physique.

When to consume it?

Most health experts and bodybuilders claim that serving protein supplement after workout would be most appropriate. At that point, your muscles are in the need of repair that can be fulfilled by consuming Whey Protein in the right quantity. You can have your protein shake with cold water or milk within the window of 30 minutes to initiate the recovery process and protect any sort of muscle damage. After a few minutes, the amino acids start to flow in the bloodstream and start generating new muscle tissues to support muscle building.

Benefits of Whey Protein:

1.       Improves your metabolism and removes all the extra fat stored in your body. 

2.       Gradual consumption strengthens muscle tissues and enhances the recovery process that ensures overall muscle growth.

3.       As per studies, with age the ability to recover muscles reduces. To help this deterioration, Whey Protein is evenly absorbed and starts to function well in time.

4.       Most fitness enthusiasts consider Whey Protein to be the best in reducing soreness instantly. Though there are slow absorbing proteins as well, Whey Protein offers quick support which is required at that time.

5.       Also controls blood pressure, blood sugar and reduces stress level or any other symptoms of depression. 

Conclusion: Next time you are looking for a perfect Whey Protein supplement for you, consider the above factors and tips while choosing the best formula. Better packaging should not be a reason to choose one over the other. Rather, the quality of ingredients it offers is all that matters while choosing the right nutrition partner. And more importantly, you should know the right time to consume a protein shake. Hopefully, the above tips will help you in deciding what suits your best in terms of quality assurance and results. 

How can the Keto Diet can be replaced by the Absolute Keto Diet?

A recent shift towards Keto diet shows how popular it is among fitness enthusiasts. Here’s a detailed study of Keto Diet, it’s benefits and whether Keto Diet supplements really work. 

What is Keto Diet?

Keto diet is basically a well-planned diet that focuses strictly on a healthy source of food that contains adequate proteins, and minimal carbohydrates. It aims at fusing more fat instead of carbs, as it is one of the healthy ways to keep your sugar level in control. It is quite useful in eliminating and removing various chronic diseases as well.

How does it work?

By following the diet, sugar reserves deplete in the body and converts the fat into energy. This further results in the production of ketones, which becomes fuel for the body. During this phenomenon, the body fat burns and helps in weight loss. This cycle is common no matter what type of Keto diet you follow, as there are different types of Keto Diet, which includes Standard ketogenic diet and Cyclical ketogenic diet.

–        Standard Ketogenic Diet – It is composed of moderate protein and low carbohydrates. It contains 70 – 75 percent of fat, 20 percent of protein and 5 – 10 percent of carbs. This means 20-50g carbs, 40-60g protein, and no limit of fat. Please note that most part of the ketogenic diet should be made up of fat, as it is the basis of the diet. With large inclusion of protein and less carbs makes this diet a success for those who want to lose weight, and improve their blood glucose level. 

–        Cyclical Ketogenic Diet – This basically works in a different way by collecting carbs for a period. After fusing more and more carbs for approximately 5 days, these days become ketogenic days, along with 2 higher carb days. This diet is mostly recommended for athletes, who can burn high carbs to replenish glycogen, which diminishes soon after doing intense workouts. 

Apart from these two ketogenic diets, there are many other types such as very low carb ketogenic diet, Well-formulated ketogenic diet, MCT Ketogenic diet, calorie-restricted ketogenic diet, Targeted ketogenic diet and more.

Please know about the additional benefits of following a ketogenic diet:

1. Enhances weight loss

This is the most basic trait that any ketogenic diet ensures you about when you start to follow on a daily basis. By fusing more fats and enabling them to convert into ketogens by adding rich protein and minerals, is how keto diet helps in reducing the fat stored in the body.

2. Removes acne

Acne is mostly related to wrong diet practices and distorted blood sugar. Therefore, by reducing the intake of refined carbs from your diet, acne can be removed as per studies. And this is what exactly Keto diet helps your body to achieve. It increases the quantity of good fat and high proportion of protein to your body; this simply vanishes the ill-effects on skin caused due to the imbalance of increased blood sugar.  After following it for a month you will observe enormous transformation in your skin health.

3. Reduces risk of cancer

A medical study has shown the positive impact of a ketogenic diet on many cancer patients. At the time of chemotherapy in certain cancer treatments, it has been found that adapting a rich keto diet can be really beneficial for the patients to recover. It actually adds more oxidative stress in cancer cells, which push them to die down easily.

4. Improves functioning of heart

By reducing cholesterol, keto diet reduces the risk of any cardiovascular disease. Therefore, a balanced ketogenic diet is highly suggested for those who are in their middle age or are going through any unhealthy condition. 

5. Protects brain health

Also, Ketogenic diet formulas protect the functioning of your brain by adding sufficient nourishment required for nerve cells. It prevents the condition of Alzheimer’s disease as well.

6. Prevents PCOS symptoms

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition caused by hormonal imbalance. Due to the intake of a high-carbohydrate diet, negative impact leads to PCOS, which includes weight gain, hair loss and other skin problems. Based on a clinical study, if a woman going through this problem follows a ketogenic diet for 24 weeks, many PCOS symptoms can be treated, namely losing weight, balanced hormones, and normal level of insulin can also be achieved. 

These ketogenic diet formulas can be replaced by many reliable nutrition brands that offer internationally sourced keto diet supplements, i.e. Absolute Nutrition – Keto Diet. In this formula, you get a standard ketogenic premium quality formula in which 21g of good fats and high-quality Whey Protein Isolate is offered. This is one of the best Keto Diet formulas you will find in the market, fused with essential vitamins and minerals. The best part is that it is recommended for weight loss, muscle building and a complete diet for wellness. By offering multiple benefits, Ketogenic diet formulas have become one of the most prominent and reliable diet plans that people should follow.


Due to the multiple benefits it offers along with the nutritional values, Keto diet as a supplement should be opted by all those who are looking for an alternative to their daily diet. Also, for those who want an additional nutrition to improve their health condition or even can help in eliminating minor ailments related to digestion, and metabolism. With the consultation of a nutrition expert you can do the modification in the dosage measure for better results.  

How L-carnitine helps in Weight Loss?

L-carnitine can be an effective formula to reduce weight, and is beneficial in eliminating brain disorders, hypertension and more. Find out more about uses of L-carnitine.

What is L-carnitine?

L-carnitine is primarily a formulation of amino acids like Lysine and Methionine that helps in reducing weight. Due to the transportation of fat to cells production of energy initiates, this processing also boosts metabolism and removes unwanted fat from the body. L-carnitine weight loss supplement can be used in different ways to attain a variety of goals, but the basic trait of converting fat to energy remains intact in all kinds of L-carnitine formulas.

How does it work?

While doing workout, many biochemical reactions occur in the body, out of which a few enzymes are activated and start to breakdown fat into fatty acids. These fatty acids enhance your body throughout the workout session. L-carnitine plays an important role in increasing metabolism by transporting a long chain of fatty acids into the inner membrane, which fosters energy.

Different types of L-carnitine

There are two different L-carnitine supplements such as L-carnitine tartrate and Acetyl L-carnitine, as explained in detail:

1. L-carnitine Tartrate

L-carnitine tartrate is one of the most common types of L-carnitine in health supplements, as it is a fast absorbing element that helps in reducing weight. With rich amino acids, L-carnitine formulates a synthesis in liver and kidney before transcending in other parts. To strengthen skeletal and cardiac muscles, L-carnitine tartrate are a great source of fuel. It can be consumed 2-3 times every day along with your daily meals, and regular exercise. 

2. Acetyl L-carnitine (ALCAR)

Acetyl L-carnitine is also known as ALCAR, which is an ideal support for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to boost the energy levels. L-carnitine is made up from amino acids lysine and methionine, but Acetyl L-carnitine consists of an acetyl group that is found in the nervous system and supports healthy functioning of the brain. It is definitely a strengthening component useful for your body but not an effective formula to lose weight.

 How L-carnitine tartrate helps in weight loss?

L-carnitine is a weight reducing supplement that helps in producing energy by converting stored body fat. Also, supports your long hours workouts by fusing instant energy and burning fat. As per the studies, L-carnitine can burn your stored body fat if consumed daily and also improves muscular fibers in the body. This leads to healthy metabolism, which makes L-carnitine a perfect fat reducing compound.

Other health benefits of L-carnitine:

To reduce weight using L-carnitine, you should also follow weight loss exercises for quick results. Apart from burning fat, L-carnitine has other benefits that you must know about:

Boosts muscle gain

To gain muscular looks, you need to power up rich proteins, vitamins and amino acids. Along with this, to improve the performance at the gym and enhance muscle volume you also need an energetic formula to accelerate your athletic performance. L-carnitine is a complete supportive formula that eliminates fatigue and increases the potential of muscle recovery with the help of protein supplements.

Healthy brain function

When a regular dosage of L-carnitine is fused into your body, you experience reduction of fatigue and mind alertness level improves tremendously. With improved blood circulation and neuroprotective benefits, L-carnitine can sweep away all the stress and make you more active, flexible and alert both mentally and physically.

Increases immunity

L-carnitine offers an instant cellular energy that gives boost to both body and mind. It also protects you from oxidative stress and other free radicals. According to medical studies, while fighting against a disease your body automatically depletes the level of L-carnitine, which explains the importance of L-carnitine and its functioning in the body.

Supports kidney functioning

Being a natural producer of L-carnitine, kidneys must maintain a sufficient level of this component. Also, L-carnitine is beneficial in preventing any disease or disorder related to kidney disease. Even if you have to fuse an additional supplementation for smooth functioning, it is highly recommended particularly among middle-age groups.

Improves metabolism

When fats are converted into energy instantly, it definitely boosts the frequency of absorbing the substance. This means L-carnitine also helps in better digestion, blood circulation and maintains a normal sugar level. For those who want to reduce weight must work on their metabolism and it is an important element for bodybuilders and athletes, as they need to fuse protein supplements on a regular basis. To make that work, you also need L-carnitine for instant absorption, which is only possible with high metabolic rate.

Best time to take L-carnitine:

Depending on what form is L-carnitine available, the dosage varies. But the most common form in which L-carnitine is available is a liquid form. As it is quick to absorb, L-carnitine should be consumed 2-4g prior workout, twice a day. The number of doses might differ, based on your workout schedule.


All the above factors determine how effective L-carnitine can be while losing weight. While choosing the right supplement for weight loss, you must consider the muscle repairing and energizing elements it offers. That’s the reason many athletes depend on this formula to keep them energized during the workout sessions. For its metabolism-boosting trait, it is used in most of the fat burning formulas, therefore, it is a great source of regulating your digestion. 

How BCAA Energy Drinks Enhance Exercise Performance?

What are BCAA energy drinks?

Energy drinks based on BCAA or Branched Chain Amino Acids include 3 essential elements such as Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine that help in building strong blocks of protein in your body. These amino acids are either generated in the body or are consumed in the form of a diet. BCAAs are considered to be essential amino acids, as they are not formed in the body but these elements help in building one-third of human body muscle tissues. Hence, adding sufficient amounts of BCAAs is mandatory to ensure muscle building.  

How does branched-chain amino acids work?

Basically, BCAAs encompass a large portion of amino acid ratio in the whole body. Around 35-40% of the total essential amino acids in the body are made of BCAAs, while the remaining 14-18% are found in the muscles. Unlike other amino acids, BCAAs end up in the body muscles instead of liver. This is one of the major reasons due to which BCAAs leads the production of energy during workout.

Apart from this here are some other roles that BCAA plays in your body:

–          Work as building blocks to form protein and muscle in the body

–          Regulates blood sugar levels and stimulates your cells to supply sugar to bloodstreams.

–          Reduces fatigue level by eliminating the production of serotonin in the brain during and after workout.

–          Out of all three BCAAs, leucine has the highest capacity to help your body build muscle proteins.

–          The other two Isoleucine and Valine helps in producing energy and maintaining accurate blood sugar levels.

Benefits of BCAA drink:

In total, there are 20 amino acids that constitute thousands of proteins in your body. Out of those 20. 9 are considered essential amino acids. These 9 essential amino acids are not produced by your body and hence, must be obtained from your diet. From these 9, only 3 are BCAAs i.e. Branched Chain Amino Acids, which you can consume through BCAA energy drinks. Here are the advantages of serving BCAA drink during and after workout:

 1.       Enhances muscle growth

With regular serving of BCAA energy drink, leucine stimulates muscle protein synthesis in the body and regulates production of muscle formation. As per a study, those who have 5.6 gm of BCAAs after workout noticed a 22% increase in muscle protein synthesis in relation to other gym workout energy drinks.

2.       Prevents muscle sprain

BCAAs have the potential to reduce muscle breakdown or any kind of muscle soreness. The usual DOMS i.e. delayed onset muscle soreness develops within 12-24 hours’ time after finishing a workout session and can stay till 72 hours. Therefore, to reduce stiffness in muscles, it is advised to serve BCAA drink during and after workout. To recover muscles and compensate for the protein levels required in the muscle, BCAA is one of the major performance enhancing supplements for athletes.

3.       Removes fatigue instantly

By serving constantly while performing exercise, and in between the gaps BCAAs are a great energy booster that reduces the fatigue caused due to exercise. When you add BCAAs to your body during workout, the level of tryptophan (an essential amino acid) increases in your brain that doesn’t make you feel exhausted. Rather helps you feel better instantly and recovers your strength.  

4.       No muscle breakdown

Constant insertion of fluids and liquid to your body hydrates for long hours workout, and if those energy drinks also include BCAAs when you can be assured about recovery of muscle breakdown. With BCAA drink, you instantly recover the energy lost after exercise, and when muscle protein synthesis is more than the muscle breakdown, you feel energetic. Even if you don’t feel energetic, your body has been recovered internally. At least it’s not going to lose any of your vital muscle tissues.

5.       Supports liver detoxification

Many athletes and bodybuilders have stated out of their experience that with constant inclusion of BCAA workout drinks in their routine, vital organs automatically get detoxified. With rich amino acids in your body after the exercise, these elements help in removing all the toxic substances from the body and fuse the right amount of energy and proteins in the whole body. This process doesn’t work primarily on a specific organ but detoxifies your overall body cells, and muscle tissues.

6.       Improves energy levels

For instant energy to compensate after doing workout BCAA drink is a recommended workout drink by bodybuilders as it also helps in building strong muscles. BCAA energy drinks add essential energy elements and protein synthesis to the muscle fibers that is required to keep your muscle flexible and strong.

7.       Helps in weight loss

With essential nutrition added and loss of fat or calories in the body after workout, BCAA drink boosts the muscle fibers. Therefore, it helps in maintaining a high metabolism rate, which doesn’t allow or support any fat storage.

8.       Boosts immune system

By adding essential amino acids to your daily diet on a regular basis, muscle strengthening improves and blood sugar level remains normal. This helps in boosting the antibodies or the defense system of the body and helps in fighting against any infection, virus or disease.


 If you are a proactive fitness enthusiast, it is mandatory that you depend on a BCAA energy drink which not only sustains energy levels but ensures many more health benefits. Also, make sure that during the workout sessions, you consume the right amount of BCAA supplement to see transformational changes in your physique.With regular practice of this high-energy drink, you can achieve all your fitness goals.

How to Take Protein Powder for Best Results?

While following a strict workout regime, it becomes essential for you to incorporate a trusted source of protein into your diet. Let’s explore the tips that can help you get the best results.  

After putting so much effort into your daily workout, it’s natural to expect stronger and bigger muscles. So, to attain that you need to be wiser while choosing the diet plan for your daily protein diet. By choosing the right food, it means that the amount of protein should be sufficient enough to repair and rebuild the damaged muscles after the workout. Also, note that the advantages of protein supplements are not restricted to repairing and building muscles, it must include other bodily functions, such as to help you feel fuller for a longer time duration. Other than adding protein sources to your diet, protein shakes are much handy and convenient to use. The point you need to consider is how much quantity of protein powder you must consume as per your fitness goal. This means that the protein shake works differently depending on your purpose. Here are the factors that determine your purpose or fitness goal:

1. Weight loss

When it comes to losing weight, it is highly recommended that you serve a rich quantity of whey protein supplements in your diet. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts have shared their experience of using protein powder while reducing weight. This has not helped them get strong muscles but has made them lose extra fat. Improved metabolism automatically removes unwanted fat from the body and lean muscle mass replaces it immediately.

2. Muscle building

Preparing an athletic physique can be a tough task, and it can only be managed with a quick absorbent Whey Protein supplement. You must serve bodybuilding protein powder for muscle growth and volume. These protein supplements are must to develop a gradual protein synthesis in the body that will help in sustaining muscle fibers for a longer period. Even if the purpose is to only build muscles, both types of protein supplements such as slow absorbing or fast-absorbing protein powder will work in your favor.

3. Muscle recovery

Though many other workout supplements would help you in repairing and recovering muscles, by consuming muscle-building protein powder you can be assured of the muscle growth. By serving whey protein supplements, your muscle strength improves tremendously. And along with muscle repair, you also get the benefit of bigger and stronger muscles. 

4. Improved performance

If you are simply concerned about enhancing your physical performance during an intense workout, serving protein supplements daily would be a good alternative for you. After 5 weeks or a month, you will start gaining results as per your fitness goal. 

 Best time to take protein powder?

To know the most appropriate time to consume a protein shake, you need to follow the hit and trial method initially. After missing a few, you realize the best time as per your workout routine. Here are two scenarios in which you can consume protein powder:

(a) Pre Vs Post-workout Protein shake

The most preferable time to have your protein shake is post-workout, as it is the best time to offer nutrition to your thirsty muscles for better recovery and growth. But some of the nutrition experts recommend you to go with a pre-workout protein shake as it fills you up for the workout session. So, it completely depends on what kind of fitness training you are involved in, as it helps you to choose the best alternative for yourself.

(b) Protein powder before bed

This mostly works for those who believe in slow and steady growth. Mostly these are athletes, who are not looking out for a sudden growth or volume in muscles. They are simply satisfied with the slow absorption process that happens overnight. In such cases, Casein Protein supplement works best, as it is a naturally rich dairy extracted protein form that repairs and re-energizes your body overnight.

Do you know the right quantity?

According to the nutrition experts, the protein powders are usually suggested to be consumed with 30 g of quantity. Though there is no restriction on the protein quantity to be served, the ideal amount that is commonly taken by bodybuilders regularly is 30gram. It helps in improving protein synthesis, which initiates the generation of new muscle fibers in an athletic physique. Please note that as per the research report, with a high protein diet the level of body fat also reduces with a great amount. Hence, by consuming protein supplements in an appropriate quantity not only muscle volume improves, but also you become leaner and fitter.


The above factors will help you to evaluate and design the best workable diet plan as per your fitness goals. You can follow the tips and hints given as per the various factors that determine your choice of supplements and with suitable timing.

How Muscle Building Supplements Work for Bodybuilders?

With regular workout, you also need some energetic muscle building supplements for bodybuilders and athletes. Find out the impact of protein supplements on your body. 

For those who are regular gym-goers and fitness lovers, it is not a secret for them to know that Whey Protein supplements work instantly for muscle recovery after a gym session. But to know the right ratio of essential supplements for muscle building workouts, you need to understand the different types of supplements and their potential to improve your health and wellness. To have in-depth knowledge about the different types of muscle building supplements, know the functioning of bodybuilding supplements and the time they require to increase muscle power and volume. Based on multiple factors, such as quality, ratio, and other nutrients, the support of bodybuilding supplements powder is determined. 

What are muscle building supplements?

A rich formulation of protein supplement that helps in improving physical performance during a workout and stimulates muscle growth. The protein supplements usually consist of Whey Protein concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, creatine, glutamine and digestive enzymes for better results. Mostly, these supplements are useful for fitness enthusiasts who are determined to increase muscular strength and volume. However, different types of supplements can be used to achieve distinctive fitness targets. Let’s understand those categories in detail. 

Types of supplements

Depending on the phenomenon you want to improve, there are nutrition-based supplements to help in improving the overall health and wellness of your body. Here are the different types of supplements that you should know about:

1. Hormonal supplements

In simple words, hormones work as a messenger for your body, like a phone call or postal letter that carries some important messages for your body, and instant reactions/ actions occur in return. So, the hormonal supplements gear up the essential hormones and help in gaining muscle strength. Testosterone and growth hormones are one of the major hormones in your body, which are naturally pushed by hormonal supplements. With the help of hormonal supplements, you can push the testosterone hormones to produce natural testosterone at the highest level. Whereas, growth hormones are increased with the help of supplements by improving cell growth and regeneration of new cells in the body. With an increase in age and hardcore physical training, the natural level of testosterone reduces, due to which consuming health support supplements can be beneficial before sleep. 

2. Energy supplements

For muscle growth and development, you need more energy, which is compensated with a variety of rich nutrients like Creatine monohydrate, glutamine, and Beta-Alanine. During the workout routine, you need to foster energy which is fused with creatine monohydrate in workout drinks to increase the energy level instantly. Along with this, it also helps in improving muscle strength, recovery, and muscle size.  

3. Nutritional supplements

Please note that nutrition is the basis of your muscle development and nutritional supplements such as Whey Protein, Multivitamin supplements protect your muscles from breakdown. Consuming protein shakes on the go supports your muscles’ growth and keeps you energized. Adding Whey Protein to your daily diet is the best to reduce fatigue levels. It has proven great results when served within 30-60 minutes after workout. Other than protein supplements you have health support supplements like Fish Oil, Nutrishots, Triple Ginseng, Liver Detox to offer complete rejuvenation and protection of vital organs in your body. 

How do your muscles work?

A human body has two forms of muscle fibers, i.e. type – I fibers, which builds muscle endurance and type – II fibers, which is responsible for increasing muscle strength and size during weight training. Therefore, depending on your fitness goal, you need to suppress or push the type of muscle fibers. For instance, if you want better muscle growth, it’s important to enhance the type – I fibers, whereas, if you want to increase the weight in the body, you need to push type – II muscle fibers. 

How do muscle building supplements work?

These muscle building supplements are intended to enhance muscle growth results, especially by following an exercise and diet regime. And the best suitable type of supplements is adopted by the bodybuilders to fuel up their respective fitness goals. When the fitness goal emphasizes intense workout training, you need to add essential nutrients in the workout diet, such as Protein supplements, vitamins, to compensate for the lost energy and regain the powerful fuel to raise the overall body strength. 

Best ways to gain lean muscle mass and increase stamina

Desire to attain a lean muscular body? Push your limits and make some changes to your workout plan. Readout these tips to increase your stamina. 

All those who are struggling to have lean muscle mass and improved stamina must know about the most effective workout techniques. Usually, for bodybuilding regular physical training is adapted multiple times in a week, whereas, to gain lean muscle mass you need to focus more on the toning up of muscles rather than bulking up the muscle mass. Here are a few suggestions that you must consider to increase lean body mass:  

1. Experiment with workouts

If you are following a fixed workout session daily, it’s time to make some changes in terms of the type of workout routine you are following. For instance, while doing a barbell curl 4 times in a week, you are suggested to increase the frequency and add other types of workout in your routine to push your potential. This helps in pumping muscles and reactivates to a new muscle fiber in your body.

 2. Try isolated movements

Depending on the heavyweight workouts won’t be enough, you must add isolated forms of exercise such as biceps curl or calf raises. Adding these exercises will enhance the muscle volume and keep swapping from one type to another as overloading your body with one workout might not be fruitful. Therefore, you can add squats and deadlifts to your workout session. Such isolated movements must be incorporated in a shuffled mode and allow your nervous system to recover easily. 

3. Add big lifts to your workout

Heavy weight lifting is always confusing for professional bodybuilders only, but that’s not the case. Deadlifts, Squats, overhead presses and more of such exercises must be added into your routine, this will help in building muscle mass in the body. These workouts are loaded with heavyweights and assures to add more size and volume to your muscles.

 4. Rest for a minute between sets

While performing different workouts continuously, your body needs a gap in between to recover and grow. It needs to be hydrated from time to time and for gradual improvement in your performance, nutrition experts and gym trainers also recommend having 8-9 hours of sleep. In the sleep time, the body repairs and releases stress which helps for consistent growth. It might not look as relevant, but the impact of a sufficient amount of rest is tremendous on your health.

5. Stay hydrated

If you don’t want any muscle cramps, drink plenty of water. Maintaining the accuracy of liquid intake is something you need to keep a check on at all times. Either you can have your energy drink, water or protein shake. Any liquid diet is considered as a hydrating supplement, you can depend on whatever suits you best.

 6. Enhance your workout frequency

The after-effects of doing a workout can be seen within 24 hours, vary as per the intensity of the workout. When you are looking forward to increasing muscle mass and growth, you must closely look into the number of times or frequency of the specific workout that you are performing. By incorporating a balance in heavyweight lifting workouts, compound moments and isolated workouts to build lean muscle mass.

 7. Improve your sleep quality

When you are undergoing intense workout to improve overall stamina and muscle mass, your sleep quality needs to increase. The body needs optimum rest to recover and perform well in the next day’s workout. Also, when the sleep is of more than 8 hours, you can be assured of a quick recovery and increases stamina in the gym at a gradual speed. 

8. Add recovery supplements

Doing the regular workout will not be fruitful or healthy unless you add nutritional supplements to your daily diet. Health support supplements like Milk Thistle, Fish Oil, Whey Protein powder, Multi-vitamin capsules and more essential to improve strength, recovery and overall physical fitness. Especially the protein consumption should be sufficient, but many don’t understand and fail to consume the protein. 

9. Consume sufficient proteins

After doing your workout you need to consume at least 0.8g to 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight to enhance the muscle mass and recover muscle quickly. If your target is to expand the muscle volume, then the protein quantity should also exceed. You can go with Lean Gainer, as it is one of the most trusted and best lean mass gainer supplements for aspiring bodybuilders and athletes.


By adopting a variety of workouts and consuming high-quality health supplements in optimum ratio, you can gain lean muscle mass and increase overall stamina. All the above tips will help you in balancing the right amount of diet and workouts to attain desired results.

Benefits of taking Protein Supplements for bodybuilding

Most of the aspiring athletes strive to attain their muscular body, and the common suggestion is to consume a rich Whey Protein supplement to bring transformation. Find out the benefits of protein supplements for bodybuilding. 

For all those who are in the bodybuilding industry for a long time would know the different types of whey protein supplements available in the market. But many beginners in the field of bodybuilding need to learn about protein supplements benefits so that they can attain their goals using the best for them.

There are options of protein for muscle gain and also protein supplements that help in boosting your metabolism. So, if you want to experience the best results from protein powders, you must know about the variety of supplements to be used.

Types of Protein supplements

Whey Protein supplements: Whey Protein powder is the most commonly used type of protein. It is quick to absorb and hence, gym trainers and dieticians consider this an ideal post-workout protein powder for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Casein Protein: Containing the richest Glutamine that helps in muscle recovery is the best amino acid for muscle growth. At the same time, Casein is the slowest protein to absorb and works well when consumed before sleep as it repairs the muscles overnight.

Egg Protein: It is a lactose-based dairy-free protein type with a medium speed of digestion. Using Egg protein offers essential amino acids like lysine that helps in muscle enhancement and growth.

Pea Protein: For all the vegan, this is the ultimate source of protein. According to a theory, the protein quality of a pea is equal to an egg or soy. The protein content in a pea offers arginine, a rich amino acid that supports body strength.

Soy Protein: Again, it is a complete source of protein for vegans and vegetarians. Soy protein offers essential amino acids for muscle power.

Hemp Protein: Those who are allergic to dairy products or are lactose intolerant are not comfortable drinking Whey or casein protein shake post-workout. Hemp is a rare plant-based protein source, which contains 8 essential amino acids along with live enzymes, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. These ingredients support a strong digestive system and overall wellness.

Benefits of Protein supplement

Generates hormones, and enzymes – By consuming the optimum quantity of protein, production of hormones, enzymes, cellular messengers, and supporters of the immune system start to improve. Due to the deficiency of adequate protein, the healthy functioning of the muscular, and cardiovascular system gets affected, for which you need to fuel up your body with rich protein supplements.

Supports the immunity system – With the help of amino acids, glutamine, and vitamins, the body maintains a strong equilibrium of essential nutrients for overall body growth and prevents diseases as well.

Prevents muscle breakdown post-workout – Protein supplements are a great source of muscle developing agents that help in repairing any type of muscle damage. With quick absorption ability consuming a protein shake after workout is mandatory to nourish your muscles.

Heals “micro-tears” caused due to intense contraction – After completing your workout, it is the best time to add protein to your body. Due to intense fitness training muscle tissues start to tear up, which is repaired with an accurate dose of protein supplement.

Offers quick muscle recovery – With quick absorption ability, protein shake rejuvenates your muscle strength within 30 minutes when consumed after doing workout. 

Which protein type is suitable for you?

Being the most favorite supplement of fitness enthusiasts, Whey Protein is the highly recommended formula for regular gym-goers, due to quick muscle repair quality. However, to evaluate the best protein supplement, you need to measure the biological value, which is the nitrogen amount in the body that can be replaced with 100g protein in a regular diet. Therefore, protein supplements with a high rate of BV are considered to be adequate for promoting growth. Though it is a complicated topic among scientists, they are still trying to explore the topic to conclude an accurate report. But for a basic understanding, you should know that the best protein supplement must be chosen as per your need. There are fast-absorbing proteins like Whey Protein and slow releasing protein i.e. casein protein, pick the one that suits your body requirement.

Best time to take protein

Be prepared with a sufficient dose of calories to burn and tone up your muscles. But the best time to consume protein supplements is post-workout. It is the time when your muscle quenches for protein nourishing dose and at that time you must come up with Whey Protein supplement. This way you get to repair your muscles instantly. 

How much to consume?

In general, the minimum amount of protein an average adult should take should be 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Apart from this, the minimum protein intake increases as per the fitness regime you follow. 

Best time to take BCAA supplement

To know the best time of consuming BCAA supplement, you must know types of BCAAs and the essential benefits of using BCAA supplement during and post workout. Find out in this article. 

BCAAs are basically Branch Chain Amino Acids that are helpful in building muscular strength and offers overall nourishment to the body. These rich amino acids are primarily Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. Most of the athletes and bodybuilders who serve BCAA supplements during workout are unaware about the best time to consume it. Ideally, BCAA is a pre-workout supplement as it helps in building muscles and prevents any muscle damage due to intense workouts. Here are few benefits of consuming rich BCAA supplement powder during/after workout session:

Removes fatigue after workout

Increased level of Branched Amino Acids prevents tryptophan from entering in your brain that ultimately reduces the creations of serotonin in your body. Hence, it helps your body to avoid fatigue caused after exercise.

Reduces muscular damage or soreness

BCAAs essentially adds fuel to the muscles, which helps in removing muscle soreness usually caused due to long hours fitness training, running or weight lifting.

Supports muscle development

With rich amino acids, the body formulates a muscle developing formula by stimulating protein synthesis in the muscles, which then overpowers overall muscle breakdown.

Empowers immunity

Due to continuous workout, the body gradually reduces the glucose level, and that is the time when BCAAs offers a great source of energy. With maintaining sufficient energy level and by keeping the amino acids intact, BCAAs are converted into glutamine that fosters immunity system.

Repairs muscles instantly

While consuming the BCAAs in between the workout, it becomes easy for the muscles to propel energy from amino acids and fuse muscle recovery agents instantly in the body.

 Time Window to consume BCAA

As per the nutrition experts, BCAA supplements take 30 minutes time to release and show effect in the body. However, no study has determined the exact time taken by BCAAs to show results in the body.

Most nutritionists suggest and believe that a 45-60 minutes time window after exercise is good to ensure maximum muscle building. But new theories about fitness suggests that this time duration might stretch out to at least up to 5 hours from the time of workout. If you have already had a meal or protein shake before the workout, the time for BCAA supplement would become less important. BCAAs are easy to be consumed shortly before or after the workout, as it is easy to absorb and offers quick results.

Here’s the difference when you consume BCAA as:

Pre-workout supplement

When you take BCAA supplement before starting your workout, the fatigue level really goes down. Though BCAA is not equal to a full meal, it is sufficient enough to maintain the energy level to start a workout. Mostly, pre-workout BCAA supplement is suggested for those who go for a workout in the morning. It is suggested that you can take 5g-10g BCAA before workout.

Intra workout supplement

While taking an Absolute BCAA powder during training, you offer complete nourishment for your muscles as it is a refreshing beverage that recharges your mood and muscles at the same time. Considering BCAA powder an intra workout drink is a good idea as it helps in reducing fatigue level instantaneously. The suggested dosage of intra BCAA supplement is 5g (1 scoop).

Post Workout supplement

BCAAs are also a potential post workout drink as they are a great source for muscle recovery and repair. These premium branched amino acids provide support to muscle fibers and heals minor muscle damage. BCAA supplements are fast acting agents and quick absorption leads to instant recovery. It is suggested that you can take 5g-10g BCAA before workout, which is approximately 1-2 scoops of Amino acid formula.


From the above-mentioned points, you can understand the use and benefits of consuming BCAA supplements for bodybuilding. Therefore, to know the best time for you, consider factors such as time, duration and training type and they will help you evaluate the suitable time to take BCAA. Please note that taking BCAA powder is always better than the BCAA tablets, as powder tastes good, plus fast absorption shows quick results.  

How Energy Drinks Improve Your Workout Stamina?

Energy drinks offer the strength required to uplift your workout performance. To know their suitability, you must know the qualities they offer. Find out the best traits of workout energy drinks to improve your workouts.

Most of the athletes and professional bodybuilders depend on protein supplements to improve their muscular strength and stamina. But with enriched energy drinks you can elevate the stamina required to carry forward a workout activity. For your daily workouts, you constantly need a push to power up your muscles, with super-energetic instant drinks, you can expect to enhance the strength and endurance needed for continuous workouts. Plus, they are competent to recover muscles and help in building resistance for long hours workout sessions. Here are the added advantages of using stamina booster drink:

1. Boosts instant energy

When you consume as per the dosage mentioned on the product, it is obvious that you get instant boost in the energy level required during the workouts. These energy drinks offer high-energy ingredients, vitamins & minerals that compensates for lost salts due to exercise. With consumption of energy drinks, you get fast recovery to go forth with remaining workout activities. You must carry it to the gym, or any other sports activity you are into.

2. Quick muscle recovery

During or after workout, gym trainers and health experts suggest continuously boosting the energy level to prevent the risk of muscle damage. Also, the instant energy drinks help in reducing fatigue and enables a fast recovery of lost salts. With regular use of high-energy sports drinks, you can be assured of the power infused through rich vitamins and minerals.

3. Healthier than you think

Many gym goers, and athletes remain in dilemma about the nutritional value of energy drinks. They must know that energy drinks are not just about offering a certain amount of sugar, rather they recover all the essential nutrients of the body. Powered with creatine, glutamine, citrulline and betaine, these energy drinks push you to stretch the limits of your workout potential. Gradually, your capacity and pumped up energy meet at the point of success.

4. Maintains happy mood

After doing a tiring workout, the best thing you can offer to your body is a refreshing energy drink to quench the thirst of recovery. When you have these energy drinks on a regular basis, a noticeable change can be observed in your performance as well as in your mood. Sufficient amount of glucose keeps both your body and mood charged up.

5. Enhances memory

As per studies, it has been observed that regular use of energy drinks keeps your brain effectively active. To keep your body hydrated, antioxidants play an important part. Likewise, there are proven results experienced by many users that due to the addition of rich amino acids and vitamins, they have observed tremendous improvement in their memory.

6. Sufficient carb content

Usually, most of the athletes / bodybuilders depend on the protein shake, but for a quick fix and electrifying booster these instant energy drinks are perfect workout stamina supplements. These supplements are fused with superior quality carbs that supports muscle strength and increases endurance for long hours workout sessions. Please note that for complete wellness, do not get stuck with protein intake only, as carbs are equally essential in maintaining and retaining a healthy body.

7. Fuses electrolytes

Energy drinks come with delicious flavours, sugar and essential amino acids. But an added advantage of consuming energy drinks is that they power up your tired muscles by fusing rich electrolytes. These electrolytes prevent fatigue and energize muscles for continuous workouts.

8. Adds essential sugar

Though most people believe that reducing sugar content in the body is beneficial, as a fact it’s also essential to maintain a mandatory sugar level to compensate for the lost energy. Therefore, it is advised to consume energy drinks, especially during and after workouts as it supports workout performance and builds muscular strength on a gradual basis.

The above benefits explain how helpful energy drinks are to recover your strength and boost stamina during and after workout. So next time when you hit the gym make sure you are equipped with protein shakes and energy booster drink, as they are equally supportive and important to add power in your daily workouts.