Mass Gainer is an effective option for those who want to grow both mass and muscle, and just like most health supplements, there are certain advantages and disadvantages that you must know. Find out in this article.

To earn the best gains, you can depend on reliable Mass Gainers. But before that, you must know the best mass gainers to use as per your health condition and fitness goals you want to achieve. If you are trying to build muscles and gain mass, it is essential to understand the balanced mechanism required in the body between protein and carbohydrates.

For many Mass Gainer is a good option to start with for building muscle mass and body mass. One of the best mass gainers is available at a high price but the quality offered is supreme. A few of them are available at low cost and best in its class, such as Absolute Nutrition – Mass Gainer. The formula is enriched with intense carbohydrates and essential bodybuilding nutrients.

Here are some benefits of Mass Gainer that you should consider:  


  1. Improves body stamina

With a gradual dosage of high carbohydrates formula, after 3-4 weeks enormous amount of improvement in terms of energy, muscle building, and stamina. Those who have it twice a day and follow a regular fitness regime can observe a tremendous amount of body enhancement. After a point, you can replace the mass gainer with the Whey Protein formula.

2. Increases body weight

After consuming 2 scoops of rich carbs formula, you can see the difference in your body weight. For example, if you want to increase your weight by at least 5-7 kgs. It will take you 2-3 months to do so with the help of a reliable Mass Gaining supplement. With Absolute Nutrition Mass Gainer you can gain 5kgs in 2 months with rigorous exercise and a balanced diet.

3. High in calories

Mass Gainers are considered best for gaining calories and compensating for the lost energy and carbs post-workout. Most of the athletes and bodybuilders depend on the Mass Gainers to maintain the bulk and weight in the body. In most cases, it is good to have a rich carbs formula that offers a minimal quantity of protein.

4. Stabilizes muscle recovery phenomenon

To maintain a certain level of protein in your body, Mass Gaining supplements not only offers a rich amount of carbs, and calories, but also ensures consistency in the protein nutrients needed for the body growth. If you consume this formula regularly, you can expect muscle growth and fast recovery post-workout. It is advised to most of the bodybuilders to go with a high-intensity carbs formula or mass gainer to recover fast.

5. Keeps the energy level upgraded

You must have noticed that after having it, within an hour your energy increases immensely. It safeguards you from any muscle injury and makes the recovery process even faster. With proper diet and exercise, it works phenomenally on your body. All the heavy weight lifters consider Mass Gainer to be a trusted source to incorporate the right amount of energy.

6. Supports muscle growth

A gradual impact that you can see as a positive outcome after some time is an increase in muscle enhancement. However, this is primarily a major role of whey protein formula, but with Mass Gaining supplement you can expect a noticeable amount of muscle growth.


  1. Complication for diabetic

Those who are suffering from diabetes already must consult with a dietician or trainer before consuming any health supplements or Mass Gainer. It can be tricky for those who are going through any medical condition.

2. Overdose can be a problem

Many beginners have this misconception that using a mass gainer twice or thrice a day would give them fast results, but this is not true. It can be harmful to their metabolism as it would be too much for the system to digest.

3. Not suitable for dairy allergic users

If anyone is allergic to milk and dairy products, then any of the Mass Gainer must not be consumed with milk. It is better to take it will water or ask your dietician to go with the closest alternative to it. Ideally, mass gainers should be consumed with milk, but when there is an exception, it can be avoided.

4. Avoid during any medication

In case you are going through a process of medication or recovery from a disease. It is not the right time to have a mass gainer as it needs a healthy metabolism to digest and no complications at all. So, if you are planning to have any mass gaining powder, you must consult once with your physician or nutritionist.


Despite the advantages and disadvantages discussed above, Mass Gainers should be chosen as per the requirement of an individual. There might be different conditioning, response, and demand of the body towards any particular health supplement or mass gainer. So you need to consider the user’s condition and requirement.

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