Though a wide variety of Mass Gaining supplements are available in the market, a lot of doubts and questions do not get answered. You will find those answers in this article.

If you look into the products that are priced cheap in the best Mass Gainer category, you will find out that they are not so rich in terms of nutritional value. While searching for the best Mass Gaining formulas, you must know the price is not the prime criterion to evaluate any product’s efficiency. Rather you should do an in-depth study of the nutrients these Mass gaining supplements offer. Only then you would know the reasonable Mass Gainer to buy for an increase in body weight. To understand how to choose the best mass gainer, you should know the essential factors discussed below.  

What is Mass Gainer?

Mass Gaining formulas are basically that contains a large ratio of carbohydrates and protein in small quantities. It is primarily a high-calorie health supplement that ensures weight gain by increasing daily calorie intake. This gradual process of carbs consumption leads to bulk gain. If you want to go for Real Gains Weight Gainer, you must know some basic nutritional facts about the Mass Gaining formula. It should contain at least 90g of carbohydrates and 30g of protein per serving. You can easily get this ratio in Absolute Nutrition Mass Gainer. The formula should be consumed in the specified measure mentioned on the label to see the desired changes in the body.

How effective are Mass Gainers?

Mass Gaining formula is formulated to help in increasing lean muscle mass and weight gain. Mostly it is recommended for those who are skinny and looking for balanced body weight. This supplement consists of protein ingredients, BCAAs, and other essential protein synthesis stimulating agents to make it a complete formula for muscle growth. Once you start to consume them, the results start to reflect within 2 weeks. The body mass starts to increase with which you can determine how you want to achieve your fitness goal.

When should you take Mass Gainer?

Ideally, Mass Gainers must be consumed within 30 mins post-workout. Again, it depends on the fitness schedule one is following. If the target is to gain muscle mass and bulk, then you must have it post-workout session. But with the aim to bulk up the body weight, it is important to consult your fitness trainer or nutrition expert to suggest the right dosage according to an individual’s body requirement.

Why should you not choose Whey protein for weight gain?

Firstly, you should know that Whey Protein supplements contain highly intense protein nutrients that offer 100-150 calories in one serving. Whereas, with a high-quality Weight Gainer you get 1250-1500 calories per serving.

Secondly, it is important to determine your goal and once you know it, you should understand the contribution of each in your body formation. With rich carbs, you gain weight, whereas with Whey Protein muscle building triggers and based on the intake of protein supplement results vary for each user. Different fitness goals such as bulk gaining, lean muscle building, or muscle growth would help you choose the right pick.

From the above points, it is clear that you must go for a Mass Gainer for gaining bulk in the body. It is suggested to use the Mass Gainer or Weight Gaining formula instead of using Whey Protein. Also, make sure that you follow a balanced diet, while the process of gaining weight is in progress. There is no alternative for that, however, Mass Gainer supplements are great supporters in fulfilling the target.

Bonus tip: You can have Mass Gainer for extra bulk for initial days, but later on you can switch to a Lean Mass Gainer as it contains an equal ratio of carbohydrates and protein.


All the factors must have helped you understand the difference and similarities of Mass Gainers and Protein supplements. And depending on the use and purpose of the user, the choice differs. But the answer to this debate is clear that Mass Gainers are a way better option than any Whey Protein formula. To fulfill the need of those extra calories can only be compensated by the Mass Gainer. However, you must note that long-term use of a Weight Gaining supplement might also lead to unwanted weight gain, if not consumed in the right quantity.

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