How weight loss supplements help men in reducing fat?

Methods that all men should know about on the journey of losing weight. Let’s find out some mandatory and essential tips to follow.

For men, it is more about physical involvement, which is true to an extent. We must also know about the contribution and involvement of diet plays a major part in helping you reduce weight in a healthy way. Though losing weight can also be achieved only by concentrating on your exercises, it would not be fair to your body, if it’s not getting its deserving part of nutrition. Hence, to add creatine monohydrate-based supplements into your daily diet before workout would help in boosting muscle strength, metabolism and ultimately weight loss.

There are so many nutrition brands in the market, if you search for Creatine monohydrate online in India,you will very few trusted sources of the same category. For example, Absolute Nutrition – Creatine monohydrate formula is a great formula to support muscle strength during workout and also improves your metabolic process. So, if you are planning to reduce weight, you should workout regularly either by yourself or at the gym and use the best creatine monohydrate to enhance results.

Along with this, here are some tips that you are suggested to follow while reducing weight:

1. Eat nutritious food

As per most health experts, you should adapt a diet plan that consists of 50 percent of fruits & vegetables, 25 percent of whole grains, and remaining 25 percent should include protein. Along with this, at least 25-30 gm of daily intake is mandatory, if you really want to reduce weight in a healthy way. If you can, then completely eliminate the consumption of trans fat from your diet. Also, do not miss out on essential vitamins and minerals, if you must then you can also add multivitamin tablets as well.

2. Keep record of calories and weight

Maintaining your weekly report is compulsory, if not daily this helps you know whether you are able to follow the pattern religiously or not. If you find any indiscipline in the timing or quantity of calories, you must immediately rectify it in the future. Doing this will help you track not only diet but physical changes too. Note them down in detail so that you know what all helped in your transformation o a gradual basis. Many also keep a record of their BMI (Body Mass Index), which explains it all in technical language.

3. Indulge in physical activities

Workout or exercise regularly, no shortcuts in this. You have to burn out those calories and prepare your body to consume the nutrition and accumulate this in your body in the right manner. Now, you are free to choose what physical activity you want to choose, you can do gym, weight lifting, running, etc. whatever you may choose, but it should be intense enough to boost your muscles and burn fat. Minimum 150 minutes of workout every day. Also, do some changes in your lifestyle, such as taking stairs, outdoor games, dancing and more. Keep a track of your workout duration also.

4. Cut down calories in fluids

This means you need to drink those liquids, which does not contain high amounts of sugar or calories. Instead they should be supportive in improving your metabolism and should help you balance your appetite.

5. Weight loss supplements

There are a few brands that offer the best Creatine monohydrate, caffeine, Green tea, CLA formulas, which will help you lose weight quickly. But which nutrition brands are good to choose, must be cross-checked by checking whether they are FSSAI approved and have rich nutrition value or not? For example, Absolute Nutrition fat burning supplements and other health -supportive capsules. You can get one of them to support you through the fat loss journey.

6. Eat at the right time

When you are following a strict diet plan, you must figure what, when and how much to eat all three answers will determine the speed of your weight loss. It is not a one-time process, rather should go hand-in-hand with your diet, workout and metabolic speed. Therefore, you must learn to keep a balance among them.

7. Follow. Track. Innovate.

The diet and exercise plan you are following, must be evaluated after a week or two, to understand your weight loss pattern. In case you find some modification can be done, you must do it. And make a new innovative plan to achieve your results. For instance, if you observe that your workout sessions are not as fruitful, you can add more fiber centric food to your diet and see the changes, or you might experiment with different weight loss supplements to get results. So, this is a continuous process that you must keep on moderating, till you attain the result.


These tips are not only effective during weight loss, actually they must be adapted in your daily routine as part of your lifestyle. All these methods will help you reach closer to your daily fitness goals. You can choose the best ones that go hand in hand with your nutrition & body requirement. If you want to customize anyone, it would be suggested to consult with a nutrition expert or fitness trainer.

How is diet a key factor for fitness?

Losing weight is a big challenge unless you are unaware about the essential traits and role of diet/food in your body. Let’s find out how it can help you stay fit.

Eating right can help you attain a balance between nutrition and calories, which determines the fuel you get and the fat stored in your body. It becomes even more important when the target is to reduce weight. Many people think that eating less would be helpful, but this is the unhealthiest way to look at diet. In fact, those who follow it end up becoming weaker and they start to lose their health instead of losing weight. Therefore, as per researches and studies, health experts suggest you emphasize on your balanced diet more than exercise. Although exercise/workout is also important to burn our calories but that’s not the only way to keep you healthy, you need support of a healthy diet.

Is your food healthy?

Food is your savior, choose them wisely. Whether they are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants or not is important to know and ensure in your daily diet plan. To get it done, you must prepare a plan that is based on both diet and exercise. When you eat right, those calories are burned and converted into energy, and the scope of unwanted storage becomes negligible. That is why you need to understand the role of the 80-20 percent rule. Many dietitians and nutrition experts suggest to follow this pattern especially for those who are looking for best weight loss drinks. Those supplements would work only when you are taking the right measures alongside.

Are weight loss supplements effective?

Any supplement that helps you reduce weight, would be a strong supportive factor in reducing the weight, if you are eating healthy. Otherwise, it would be hard for your body to consume and show results. It would not only time-taking but also be confusing for the metabolic system. Many believe that eating unhealthy food can be compensated with supplements. That’s going to be a big blunder if you believe this. On the contrary, you need to understand the significance of food we put into our body and they can give us positive results. The only way we have is to incorporate a healthy diet, only then the best weight loss supplement would work along the way. 

Importance of 80-20% rule

This rule might sound calculative and impractical to a few, but it’s in fact a well-sorted plan for you to stay healthy. The condition is only to understand the importance and contribution of nutrition towards our health, everything else is secondary. The 80 % is denoting a balanced diet here and the remaining part is of exercise/workout/physical activities. Now, why is it 80 and 20 that is the point. The clarification for this is that whatever you add into your body determines how much is going to convert into energy and how much will be stored as fat. So, scientifically backed-up theory insists that if we can take command over what we eat in a balanced way, and add healthy foods it can be the best diet for weight loss.

Ensure you maintain 80 percent of your nutrition intake on a daily basis. Though it might look tough to know all the right things and incorporate it in a diet plan. Here’s the best diet plan for weight loss that you can follow everyday:

Fat: To reduce bad fats from your body, it is necessary to introduce good fats into your diet. There are so many harmful fats, trans fats which must be replaced with healthier fats. Therefore, you must add mustard oil, sesame oil, dried fruits such as almonds, walnuts etc.

Fiber: To lose weight, make sure your stomach is not constipated. To prevent any kind of indigestion, dieticians suggest you to have more fiber-oriented foods such as green vegetables, fruits, multigrain flour, cereals etc. All these are rich in fiber and vanish stomach related problems.

Protein: Though we do know the vital role of protein in our health, we somehow skip in a routine diet. It is mandatory to have milk or milk related products such as yogurt, cheese, paneer. Even soya, peanuts and tofu are great alternatives to protein. Also, you can compensate for this requirement with Whey Protein supplement. If you are a non-vegetarian you can have rich protein from fish and chicken.

Vitamins & minerals: No matter how many times we are told to eat fruits, vegetables and nuts to boost our immunity, yet we miss out on naturally rich foods. If you tend to skip them in your diet due to multiple reasons. You can also have them through high quality vitamin supplements, like Nutrishots, Milk Thistle and PCT Advance formulas.

Carbohydrates: Those who want to lose weight think that adding carbohydrates would damage the chances of reducing weight. This is clearly a misconception, as per nutrition experts, your plate should have at least 40 percent of carbs, such as chapati, rice, multigrain bread, pulses, vegetables and fruits.

All the above food types are wholesome foods that are enriched with healthy traits, which supports your metabolic and immune system that wipes out all the toxins. So, what are you waiting for? Take these healthy food, and relish your life. 

How L-carnitine helps in Weight Loss?

L-carnitine can be an effective formula to reduce weight, and is beneficial in eliminating brain disorders, hypertension and more. Find out more about uses of L-carnitine.

What is L-carnitine?

L-carnitine is primarily a formulation of amino acids like Lysine and Methionine that helps in reducing weight. Due to the transportation of fat to cells production of energy initiates, this processing also boosts metabolism and removes unwanted fat from the body. L-carnitine weight loss supplement can be used in different ways to attain a variety of goals, but the basic trait of converting fat to energy remains intact in all kinds of L-carnitine formulas.

How does it work?

While doing workout, many biochemical reactions occur in the body, out of which a few enzymes are activated and start to breakdown fat into fatty acids. These fatty acids enhance your body throughout the workout session. L-carnitine plays an important role in increasing metabolism by transporting a long chain of fatty acids into the inner membrane, which fosters energy.

Different types of L-carnitine

There are two different L-carnitine supplements such as L-carnitine tartrate and Acetyl L-carnitine, as explained in detail:

1. L-carnitine Tartrate

L-carnitine tartrate is one of the most common types of L-carnitine in health supplements, as it is a fast absorbing element that helps in reducing weight. With rich amino acids, L-carnitine formulates a synthesis in liver and kidney before transcending in other parts. To strengthen skeletal and cardiac muscles, L-carnitine tartrate are a great source of fuel. It can be consumed 2-3 times every day along with your daily meals, and regular exercise. 

2. Acetyl L-carnitine (ALCAR)

Acetyl L-carnitine is also known as ALCAR, which is an ideal support for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to boost the energy levels. L-carnitine is made up from amino acids lysine and methionine, but Acetyl L-carnitine consists of an acetyl group that is found in the nervous system and supports healthy functioning of the brain. It is definitely a strengthening component useful for your body but not an effective formula to lose weight.

 How L-carnitine tartrate helps in weight loss?

L-carnitine is a weight reducing supplement that helps in producing energy by converting stored body fat. Also, supports your long hours workouts by fusing instant energy and burning fat. As per the studies, L-carnitine can burn your stored body fat if consumed daily and also improves muscular fibers in the body. This leads to healthy metabolism, which makes L-carnitine a perfect fat reducing compound.

Other health benefits of L-carnitine:

To reduce weight using L-carnitine, you should also follow weight loss exercises for quick results. Apart from burning fat, L-carnitine has other benefits that you must know about:

Boosts muscle gain

To gain muscular looks, you need to power up rich proteins, vitamins and amino acids. Along with this, to improve the performance at the gym and enhance muscle volume you also need an energetic formula to accelerate your athletic performance. L-carnitine is a complete supportive formula that eliminates fatigue and increases the potential of muscle recovery with the help of protein supplements.

Healthy brain function

When a regular dosage of L-carnitine is fused into your body, you experience reduction of fatigue and mind alertness level improves tremendously. With improved blood circulation and neuroprotective benefits, L-carnitine can sweep away all the stress and make you more active, flexible and alert both mentally and physically.

Increases immunity

L-carnitine offers an instant cellular energy that gives boost to both body and mind. It also protects you from oxidative stress and other free radicals. According to medical studies, while fighting against a disease your body automatically depletes the level of L-carnitine, which explains the importance of L-carnitine and its functioning in the body.

Supports kidney functioning

Being a natural producer of L-carnitine, kidneys must maintain a sufficient level of this component. Also, L-carnitine is beneficial in preventing any disease or disorder related to kidney disease. Even if you have to fuse an additional supplementation for smooth functioning, it is highly recommended particularly among middle-age groups.

Improves metabolism

When fats are converted into energy instantly, it definitely boosts the frequency of absorbing the substance. This means L-carnitine also helps in better digestion, blood circulation and maintains a normal sugar level. For those who want to reduce weight must work on their metabolism and it is an important element for bodybuilders and athletes, as they need to fuse protein supplements on a regular basis. To make that work, you also need L-carnitine for instant absorption, which is only possible with high metabolic rate.

Best time to take L-carnitine:

Depending on what form is L-carnitine available, the dosage varies. But the most common form in which L-carnitine is available is a liquid form. As it is quick to absorb, L-carnitine should be consumed 2-4g prior workout, twice a day. The number of doses might differ, based on your workout schedule.


All the above factors determine how effective L-carnitine can be while losing weight. While choosing the right supplement for weight loss, you must consider the muscle repairing and energizing elements it offers. That’s the reason many athletes depend on this formula to keep them energized during the workout sessions. For its metabolism-boosting trait, it is used in most of the fat burning formulas, therefore, it is a great source of regulating your digestion.