Advantages and Disadvantages of gainers

Mass Gainer is an effective option for those who want to grow both mass and muscle, and just like most health supplements, there are certain advantages and disadvantages that you must know. Find out in this article.

To earn the best gains, you can depend on reliable Mass Gainers. But before that, you must know the best mass gainers to use as per your health condition and fitness goals you want to achieve. If you are trying to build muscles and gain mass, it is essential to understand the balanced mechanism required in the body between protein and carbohydrates.

For many Mass Gainer is a good option to start with for building muscle mass and body mass. One of the best mass gainers is available at a high price but the quality offered is supreme. A few of them are available at low cost and best in its class, such as Absolute Nutrition – Mass Gainer. The formula is enriched with intense carbohydrates and essential bodybuilding nutrients.

Here are some benefits of Mass Gainer that you should consider:  


  1. Improves body stamina

With a gradual dosage of high carbohydrates formula, after 3-4 weeks enormous amount of improvement in terms of energy, muscle building, and stamina. Those who have it twice a day and follow a regular fitness regime can observe a tremendous amount of body enhancement. After a point, you can replace the mass gainer with the Whey Protein formula.

2. Increases body weight

After consuming 2 scoops of rich carbs formula, you can see the difference in your body weight. For example, if you want to increase your weight by at least 5-7 kgs. It will take you 2-3 months to do so with the help of a reliable Mass Gaining supplement. With Absolute Nutrition Mass Gainer you can gain 5kgs in 2 months with rigorous exercise and a balanced diet.

3. High in calories

Mass Gainers are considered best for gaining calories and compensating for the lost energy and carbs post-workout. Most of the athletes and bodybuilders depend on the Mass Gainers to maintain the bulk and weight in the body. In most cases, it is good to have a rich carbs formula that offers a minimal quantity of protein.

4. Stabilizes muscle recovery phenomenon

To maintain a certain level of protein in your body, Mass Gaining supplements not only offers a rich amount of carbs, and calories, but also ensures consistency in the protein nutrients needed for the body growth. If you consume this formula regularly, you can expect muscle growth and fast recovery post-workout. It is advised to most of the bodybuilders to go with a high-intensity carbs formula or mass gainer to recover fast.

5. Keeps the energy level upgraded

You must have noticed that after having it, within an hour your energy increases immensely. It safeguards you from any muscle injury and makes the recovery process even faster. With proper diet and exercise, it works phenomenally on your body. All the heavy weight lifters consider Mass Gainer to be a trusted source to incorporate the right amount of energy.

6. Supports muscle growth

A gradual impact that you can see as a positive outcome after some time is an increase in muscle enhancement. However, this is primarily a major role of whey protein formula, but with Mass Gaining supplement you can expect a noticeable amount of muscle growth.


  1. Complication for diabetic

Those who are suffering from diabetes already must consult with a dietician or trainer before consuming any health supplements or Mass Gainer. It can be tricky for those who are going through any medical condition.

2. Overdose can be a problem

Many beginners have this misconception that using a mass gainer twice or thrice a day would give them fast results, but this is not true. It can be harmful to their metabolism as it would be too much for the system to digest.

3. Not suitable for dairy allergic users

If anyone is allergic to milk and dairy products, then any of the Mass Gainer must not be consumed with milk. It is better to take it will water or ask your dietician to go with the closest alternative to it. Ideally, mass gainers should be consumed with milk, but when there is an exception, it can be avoided.

4. Avoid during any medication

In case you are going through a process of medication or recovery from a disease. It is not the right time to have a mass gainer as it needs a healthy metabolism to digest and no complications at all. So, if you are planning to have any mass gaining powder, you must consult once with your physician or nutritionist.


Despite the advantages and disadvantages discussed above, Mass Gainers should be chosen as per the requirement of an individual. There might be different conditioning, response, and demand of the body towards any particular health supplement or mass gainer. So you need to consider the user’s condition and requirement.

The Anatomy of a Great Mass Gainer – Good Or Bad?

Mass Gainers are mostly popular for gaining bulk, a few know the right implementation of the formula for bodybuilding. Here’s a quick look on what are the good and bad traits of best Mass Gainer supplements.

To understand the detailed functioning of Mass Gainer in India, you need to know the ingredients, variants, and processing with which they are curated. And for this going through the nutritional facts is not enough, instead, you must know what are the best Mass Gainers are offering and what variables can be added or subtracted to turn them into the perfect mass gaining formulas. 

A rich mass gaining formula basically contains a major ratio of complex carbohydrates, which simply means the addition of high calories to increase bulk in the body. Now, depending on the nutrition brand, the ratio of the carbs in the supplement varies. For example, if you buy Mass Gainer Supplement by Absolute Nutrition it will offer 90g of pure complex carbs ratio per serving. And this formulation might fluctuate based on the Mass Gainer brand you choose. So, whether the combination is good or bad can firstly be evaluated from the nutritional value it offers and the second method is to serve the formula for a period of time and find out the outcome. 

Till now Mass Gainer in India more or less offers a similar quantity of carbohydrates, which are not always complex carbs, and therefore the results might vary on each individual. To study whether the anatomy of a Mass Gainer is good or bad, here are the detailed pros and cons of Mass Gainer:


  1. Supremely high in calories 

When someone aims to gain weight, the first thing is to have a trusted source of rich calories, which are not easy and instant with a daily routine diet. Eating carbs around the clock is not possible for everyone. That’s when Mass Gainer supplements are used. They are perfect calorie boosters and with one serving it offers almost 1000 – 4000 calorie intake for your body that can help in building a bulky physique within 1-2 months.

2.       Rich carbohydrate content

Carbohydrate is the most essential ingredient in building a bulky body and also plays an important role in muscle building as well. This is exactly what you get with a Mass Gaining supplement, a dense proportion of high carbohydrates to fuel in for a stronger and bulkier body. In most cases, either user depends on protein supplements or mass gainers, but in fact, both the supplements help you balance the number of carbs and protein in the body. Carbs not only boost muscle growth but also increases glucose levels, which is also required. 

3.       Creatine monohydrate offered

Now when it comes to mass gaining and muscle strengthening, Creatine monohydrate is a common ingredient that you will hear about, but few know the use and its impact. It basically helps in speedy recovery of muscles and supports muscle repairing activity. Therefore, when you have a Mass Gainer, it is suggested to choose the one that contains creatine as well. 

4.       Benefit of L-Glutamine

Mass Gaining supplements are fused with agents that support your overall body growth, which includes muscle recovery nutrients and energy boosters. L-glutamine is one such element that is offered in most of the packages of best Mass Gainers. It is a type of amino acid that pumps up your energy level, required for daily workout, and enhances your immune system.

5.       Variety to choose from different calorie levels                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Depending on the fitness level you want to raise the body for, Weight Gainers are available with different capacities of calories. Among those, you can compare and pick what is best for your workout and body type. Please note that intake of calories should match with the calories you burn, otherwise it might develop a tendency of gaining unwanted fat, over a period of time. 


  1. Overconsumption is a common fault

While chasing a goal, sometimes people forget the difference between the right dosage and overdose. Now, due to underestimating the calorie intake and its effect, the result might turn out to be ugly. This means that you might be taking a much larger portion of calories than you should that can be harmful over a period of time. Before it’s too late to realize, you should consult with a trainer or dietician to know the right measure of dose for yourself. 

2.       Confusion between fat gain and protein gain

Due to a lack of complete knowledge and understanding, many users fail to differ among protein and carbs ingredients. Instead of having a rich protein supplement, they mistakenly over consume the Mass Gaining formula, which consists of major portions of carbohydrates that leads to gaining of calories and fat.

3.       Gastric Issues

If the supplement is not consumed at the right time and as per the measure mentioned on the product label, it can possibly cause gastric issues. If you already have a tendency to develop issues related to indigestion, it would be best to consult a dietician or nutrition expert before consuming the respective formula.


The above points explain that Mass Gaining supplements are beneficial for those who want to enhance both body mass and muscle volume. However, this might lead to some unwanted results if not consumed in a prescribed manner. This detailed anatomy will help you know the better use of a mass gaining formula while consuming regularly.

Are Mass-gainers better than food for bulking?

Though a wide variety of Mass Gaining supplements are available in the market, a lot of doubts and questions do not get answered. You will find those answers in this article.

If you look into the products that are priced cheap in the best Mass Gainer category, you will find out that they are not so rich in terms of nutritional value. While searching for the best Mass Gaining formulas, you must know the price is not the prime criterion to evaluate any product’s efficiency. Rather you should do an in-depth study of the nutrients these Mass gaining supplements offer. Only then you would know the reasonable Mass Gainer to buy for an increase in body weight. To understand how to choose the best mass gainer, you should know the essential factors discussed below.  

What is Mass Gainer?

Mass Gaining formulas are basically that contains a large ratio of carbohydrates and protein in small quantities. It is primarily a high-calorie health supplement that ensures weight gain by increasing daily calorie intake. This gradual process of carbs consumption leads to bulk gain. If you want to go for Real Gains Weight Gainer, you must know some basic nutritional facts about the Mass Gaining formula. It should contain at least 90g of carbohydrates and 30g of protein per serving. You can easily get this ratio in Absolute Nutrition Mass Gainer. The formula should be consumed in the specified measure mentioned on the label to see the desired changes in the body.

How effective are Mass Gainers?

Mass Gaining formula is formulated to help in increasing lean muscle mass and weight gain. Mostly it is recommended for those who are skinny and looking for balanced body weight. This supplement consists of protein ingredients, BCAAs, and other essential protein synthesis stimulating agents to make it a complete formula for muscle growth. Once you start to consume them, the results start to reflect within 2 weeks. The body mass starts to increase with which you can determine how you want to achieve your fitness goal.

When should you take Mass Gainer?

Ideally, Mass Gainers must be consumed within 30 mins post-workout. Again, it depends on the fitness schedule one is following. If the target is to gain muscle mass and bulk, then you must have it post-workout session. But with the aim to bulk up the body weight, it is important to consult your fitness trainer or nutrition expert to suggest the right dosage according to an individual’s body requirement.

Why should you not choose Whey protein for weight gain?

Firstly, you should know that Whey Protein supplements contain highly intense protein nutrients that offer 100-150 calories in one serving. Whereas, with a high-quality Weight Gainer you get 1250-1500 calories per serving.

Secondly, it is important to determine your goal and once you know it, you should understand the contribution of each in your body formation. With rich carbs, you gain weight, whereas with Whey Protein muscle building triggers and based on the intake of protein supplement results vary for each user. Different fitness goals such as bulk gaining, lean muscle building, or muscle growth would help you choose the right pick.

From the above points, it is clear that you must go for a Mass Gainer for gaining bulk in the body. It is suggested to use the Mass Gainer or Weight Gaining formula instead of using Whey Protein. Also, make sure that you follow a balanced diet, while the process of gaining weight is in progress. There is no alternative for that, however, Mass Gainer supplements are great supporters in fulfilling the target.

Bonus tip: You can have Mass Gainer for extra bulk for initial days, but later on you can switch to a Lean Mass Gainer as it contains an equal ratio of carbohydrates and protein.


All the factors must have helped you understand the difference and similarities of Mass Gainers and Protein supplements. And depending on the use and purpose of the user, the choice differs. But the answer to this debate is clear that Mass Gainers are a way better option than any Whey Protein formula. To fulfill the need of those extra calories can only be compensated by the Mass Gainer. However, you must note that long-term use of a Weight Gaining supplement might also lead to unwanted weight gain, if not consumed in the right quantity.

Know how to achieve your Fitness Goals with carbs!!

Being a fitness freak, you need not avoid carbs totally. Here are some methods to add carbohydrates in your diet with no guilt attached. 

For complete fitness and muscle strength, if you are avoiding carbs in your diet, you need to rethink and know some serious health facts and myths about the consumption of carbohydrates.

The most common misconception about muscle building is that the carbohydrates are the biggest enemy, but that’s not true. Along with the right proportion of proteins and fats, carbohydrates are equally significant in muscle building. Avoiding carbs is a serious crime against your health. To simply further, all three segments – protein, carbs and fat can be broken down into sub segments i.e. amino acids, glucose and fatty acids, respectively. And, the consumption of amino acids and fatty acids further generates carbohydrates, which seems to be the major reason to eliminate carbohydrates from the diet. But that’s the unhealthiest attempt that might add deterioration of muscle and overall health.

Here are a few health nutrition facts that you must understand while eliminating carbohydrates from your diet plan:

1.       Muscles need more carbs than you think

In your muscle tissues, glucose is stored in the form of glycogen. Most of the glycogen is stored in skeletal muscles and remaining in the liver, in a ratio of 5:1, respectively. During the workout, when glycogen starts to deteriorate from the reserve of carbs, the focus shifts to the next source of fuel i.e. lean muscle, which is a reserve of amino acids. This shift to lean muscles is quite unhealthy and hampers muscle strength. Therefore, restricting the carbohydrates diet can lead the body to catabolic mode, which depletes muscle growth.

2.       Boost up muscle strength with carbohydrates

Many of you might not know that carbohydrate is a substitute of creatine, as carbohydrates give you energy the way creatine offers, especially during a workout. With appropriate addition of carbohydrates, muscles automatically get a push. After protein and water, carbohydrates are stored as glycogen in the muscles. Due to this, bigger and stronger muscles are built with 2.7 g water per gram of glycogen stored in the muscles. 

3.       Mandatory for lean muscle mass

If you are looking for a healthy way to increase muscle mass, you need more carbohydrates as they help in recovering and boosting up the muscle strength. To substitute carbohydrates, amino acids are not enough to enhance muscle mass in a healthy way.

List of rich carbohydrate meals/foods

The sources of carbohydrates are different and their contribution varies. For instance, carbohydrates can be categorized as simple and complex. Recently, new terminology for carbohydrates is used in the sports nutrition industry, such as low and high glycemic index (GI). To simplify further, classifying carbohydrates can be easy to understand, such as high-fat, nutrient-dense, and nutrient-poor.                                                                                  

Dense Carbohydrate NutrientFood or meals that are rich source of nutrients like Protein, vitamins,minerals, fiber and antioxidants along with carbohydrates Cereals, pasta, rice, bread, fruits, potato, sweetcorn, sweetened dairy productsHelps in building base for athletes/ bodybuilders diet
Poor Carbohydrate Nutrient              Food that contain minimum carbohydrates or any other nutrientSoft drinks, energy drinks, candies, etc.These should not be consumed too much
High – fat Food with carbohydrates that is high in fatCake, chips, chocolateConsume rarely but not before, during or after the workout
Rich Carbohydrate Nutrients

Note: There are few rich in carbs sports nutrition drink that you can consume during the workout session, as they are not harmful at all. Rather, meant to add energy level when essentially required by an athlete or bodybuilder.

In-take time for carbohydrates

The time of having carbohydrates is important in terms of results, particularly for an athlete or fitness enthusiast. Here, are some directions as per the timeline:

1.     In the morning – After you wake up, your body needs carbohydrates immediately. Due to the long hours’ gap at night, the cortisol level is high, which can lead to muscle breakdown. Hence, to help that prevent you should eat high carbohydrate food/meal

2.     Before workout – Make sure you have a dense carbohydrates meal at least 1 to 1 ½ hour prior to the workout.

3.     During Workout – If the workout is an hour-long or more than that, you are suggested to have your carbs after 30 minutes of exercise. These can be easy to digest carb food, such as fruits, energy bars, sports nutrition drinks.

4.     After workout – Consume high glycemic carbohydrates after a workout, as it allows amino acids to enter into the muscle tissues that repairs them and boosts strength. 

However, carbohydrates’ consumption varies on the type and intensity of the workout. Approximately, 30 to 60 percent of carbohydrates are a must in the diet while following a workout schedule regularly. Minimum 130g or 520 kcal per day of carbohydrates is required in a human body to survive, whereas for an athlete it is at least double of it. For extreme level sports athletes, it reaches up to 70 percent of the minimum carbs’ consumption. 

Bonus Tip: Apart from the diet, carbohydrates must be consumed in the form of a sports drink or high-energy supplements so as to recover the muscles instantly. These energy drinks are safe to use, and mandatory for long hours workout sessions.