Keto diet for bodybuilders: How to gain and build muscles with a keto diet?

While building a muscular body, so many tips come your way. A must talk about Keto diet is one of them. Let’s find out in this article about how it can help you gain muscles.

When you start to plan a high-carbs or low-carbs diet, there is so much confusion already that you don’t know are they simply myths, or do they hold any strong factual basis to it. So, to understand how it works to help in building muscles particularly. You must find out the role and impact of Keto Diet on your body.

What is Keto Diet?

Firstly, you should know that Keto Diet or ketogenic diet is basically a low carb diet with high-fat ingredients. Now you might think that if it is so rich in fat, how can it help in reducing the mass and building muscles. But this is not the complete story, it has much more to it.

How does it work?

By lowering carbs proportion and adding more of fat in the body, it initiates a body transition that starts by attaining a metabolic state, i.e. Ketosis. When the Ketosis generates, it automatically gives less access to the glucose or carbs to overpower the system. Hence, to compensate for the usual energy source (carbs), the body starts to consume more fat to form Ketone bodies as their new source of fuel, instead of using carbs.

How much dosage should you take?

During the transition process of ketosis, generally you should consume 50 gm of carbs every day with a regular protein diet and rest of the calories are compensated with high fat ingredients offered in the Keto Diet. On an average, it takes up to 2-4 days’ time to generate ketosis, based on the individual body structure. In some cases, it might also take a week.

How does it help in building muscles?

As per studies, there are certain observations about Keto diet benefits such as it helps in building strength and improves performance in physical activities. These are similar results that have been achieved by high carbs diet as well. But Keto nutrition being an opposite diet formula is effective enough to provide the same result. With gradual shedding of fat, Ketosis helps in converting fat into fuel of your energy, which then transforms into muscles.

1.       Record your diet intake

While you are depending on a Keto diet supplement, you must keep a detailed record of the number of  servings in a day and the effect it causes on a weekly basis. This will help you understand in what areas you need to make changes to achieve  better results.

2.       Add rich amount of protein

The richer your protein intake is, the better impact it would have on building your muscles. You can have more green veggies, soybean, tofu, egg white, fish etc. Along with a rich keto diet plan, this will help you convert fat into muscles quickly without showing any side-effect of fatigue in the body.

3.       Take balanced carbs

Carbohydrates based foods are mandatory to get a keto pure effect. But the quantity must not exceed the fat ratio, as it will break down the formation of ketosis. This will slower down the conversion of fat into energy fuel. Hence, ensure to maintain a balance of all elements.

4.       Consume more fat than earlier

A Keto diet plan for weight loss has to follow this strictly, also it is important to strengthen the muscular build as well. The more fat you add into the diet, the ketosis formed after a week supports the body muscle tissues to repair, and evolve by using fat as the new energy source and ketosis.

5.       Test your ketone level regularly

This is not mandatory for you to take up, but if you want to check the level of ketosis formed in your body in order to make necessary changes, if any. It can be done by using Keto strips or through a keto breath test.  

A few suggestions to consider while you are on a Keto Diet:

1.       You can do some interesting Resistance-based training.

2.       You must get some good sleep of at least 7-8 hours. A well-rested body can help you achieve goals in a natural and healthy way.

3.       Keep a track of your transformational journey so that you get to understand your body pattern.

4.       Try not to have cheat meals during this time, avoid as much as you can to see smooth transformation.

Bonus tip: Many are unaware about the hidden carbs found in the beverages. Do not mistake a sweet beverage as a fluid, it will also add unwanted carbs into the body. So be careful while having any beverage. Either count the calories or avoid it.

How is diet a key factor for fitness?

Losing weight is a big challenge unless you are unaware about the essential traits and role of diet/food in your body. Let’s find out how it can help you stay fit.

Eating right can help you attain a balance between nutrition and calories, which determines the fuel you get and the fat stored in your body. It becomes even more important when the target is to reduce weight. Many people think that eating less would be helpful, but this is the unhealthiest way to look at diet. In fact, those who follow it end up becoming weaker and they start to lose their health instead of losing weight. Therefore, as per researches and studies, health experts suggest you emphasize on your balanced diet more than exercise. Although exercise/workout is also important to burn our calories but that’s not the only way to keep you healthy, you need support of a healthy diet.

Is your food healthy?

Food is your savior, choose them wisely. Whether they are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants or not is important to know and ensure in your daily diet plan. To get it done, you must prepare a plan that is based on both diet and exercise. When you eat right, those calories are burned and converted into energy, and the scope of unwanted storage becomes negligible. That is why you need to understand the role of the 80-20 percent rule. Many dietitians and nutrition experts suggest to follow this pattern especially for those who are looking for best weight loss drinks. Those supplements would work only when you are taking the right measures alongside.

Are weight loss supplements effective?

Any supplement that helps you reduce weight, would be a strong supportive factor in reducing the weight, if you are eating healthy. Otherwise, it would be hard for your body to consume and show results. It would not only time-taking but also be confusing for the metabolic system. Many believe that eating unhealthy food can be compensated with supplements. That’s going to be a big blunder if you believe this. On the contrary, you need to understand the significance of food we put into our body and they can give us positive results. The only way we have is to incorporate a healthy diet, only then the best weight loss supplement would work along the way. 

Importance of 80-20% rule

This rule might sound calculative and impractical to a few, but it’s in fact a well-sorted plan for you to stay healthy. The condition is only to understand the importance and contribution of nutrition towards our health, everything else is secondary. The 80 % is denoting a balanced diet here and the remaining part is of exercise/workout/physical activities. Now, why is it 80 and 20 that is the point. The clarification for this is that whatever you add into your body determines how much is going to convert into energy and how much will be stored as fat. So, scientifically backed-up theory insists that if we can take command over what we eat in a balanced way, and add healthy foods it can be the best diet for weight loss.

Ensure you maintain 80 percent of your nutrition intake on a daily basis. Though it might look tough to know all the right things and incorporate it in a diet plan. Here’s the best diet plan for weight loss that you can follow everyday:

Fat: To reduce bad fats from your body, it is necessary to introduce good fats into your diet. There are so many harmful fats, trans fats which must be replaced with healthier fats. Therefore, you must add mustard oil, sesame oil, dried fruits such as almonds, walnuts etc.

Fiber: To lose weight, make sure your stomach is not constipated. To prevent any kind of indigestion, dieticians suggest you to have more fiber-oriented foods such as green vegetables, fruits, multigrain flour, cereals etc. All these are rich in fiber and vanish stomach related problems.

Protein: Though we do know the vital role of protein in our health, we somehow skip in a routine diet. It is mandatory to have milk or milk related products such as yogurt, cheese, paneer. Even soya, peanuts and tofu are great alternatives to protein. Also, you can compensate for this requirement with Whey Protein supplement. If you are a non-vegetarian you can have rich protein from fish and chicken.

Vitamins & minerals: No matter how many times we are told to eat fruits, vegetables and nuts to boost our immunity, yet we miss out on naturally rich foods. If you tend to skip them in your diet due to multiple reasons. You can also have them through high quality vitamin supplements, like Nutrishots, Milk Thistle and PCT Advance formulas.

Carbohydrates: Those who want to lose weight think that adding carbohydrates would damage the chances of reducing weight. This is clearly a misconception, as per nutrition experts, your plate should have at least 40 percent of carbs, such as chapati, rice, multigrain bread, pulses, vegetables and fruits.

All the above food types are wholesome foods that are enriched with healthy traits, which supports your metabolic and immune system that wipes out all the toxins. So, what are you waiting for? Take these healthy food, and relish your life. 

6 tips to choose quality health supplements you didn’t know

Amidst the struggle to choose the best health supplement for you, here are a  few tips that can help you in making the right choice. Let’s find out in this article. 

Earlier, people used to rely on their daily diets, but gradually with the fast-paced life the nutrition level started to deplete. The food on the table doesn’t seem to be a complete nourishment, that’s where the need for health supplements sneak into. Now, these supplements are so many and offered under different names and categories that choosing one from the palette is not easy. Therefore, in order to simplify the procedure, here we have a list of factors that you should keep in mind while choosing a health supplement online:

1.       Do your research

When you are being offered so many qualities, quantities, the first thing you should do is to compare them all. And whether, they are really offering what they claim for. For this, you need to understand the right formulation of a protein supplement for instance. Find out the right questions to ask, and then search for the answers. Once you know them, selecting a genuine brand would be the next big challenge.

2.       Check transparency of nutritional facts

The best way is to read out the ingredients and their measure. If a brand has listed out systematically both the active and inactive ingredients, you can trust that brand. Never buy a bodybuilding health supplement that doesn’t offer a list of its ingredient’s details. The nutritional facts must guide you about everything it contains, only then its trust-worthy.

3.       Quality ingredients & elements

You must check the bioavailability information on the product label that tells you the absorption level of a health supplement. Poor quality ingredients are difficult to absorb, whereas rich quality ingredients are easily absorbed. Therefore, you should ensure whether the ingredients are of high-quality.

4.       Cost Vs worth

When you pay for a product, and are not satisfied with the result. This condition would indicate that the price you paid for it was not worthy. To avoid this, you should look for a product that is tested and approved by the respective food authorities, and the nutrients it offers should be of rich quality.

5.       Satisfaction guarantee

You must always choose who claims to give your results, instead of offering a cheap price. The price won’t matter if you do not get the result. With best quality products, you are mostly likely to get a guaranteed result, which is a good enough criterion to choose one over the other.

6.       Market reputation & recommendation

Do not forget to check customer reviews and experiences shared by its users. If you are not sure whether it would be suitable for you or not, you can consult with your doctor or healthcare professional based on your body type and health condition they would suggest best for you. If you are a regular gym goer, you can ask your gym trainer before choosing the right health supplement for you.

Know well about your needs, based on the following factors:

–          Age

According to the increase in age, the body processes, hormonal changes etc. affect the nutrition you are fusing in. Basically, when you are ageing, the nourishment requirement of your body also increases. This is not something you can change, the only choice you have is to take care of it in the most suitable manner.

–          Diet

The accumulation of nutrition over the years determines the body you attain. If your eating habits are in sync with the body requirement, then you might not need any health supplements. But in most of the cases, nutrition level is not enough. If you have certain food or drink habits then you must also consider them if you buy healthy food supplements.

–          Health condition

Please be assured if the chosen supplement is effective, especially if you have certain medical conditions. The rich vitamins and minerals must not interfere with your health or medication that you are taking.

–          Lifestyle

If you are under the influence of alcohol, tobacco or cigarettes, then consuming a nutrition partner for your wellness can be a challenge. Even if you consume them, they might not be as effective as you expect them to be.

–          Medical family history

Ensure whether you have a hereditary disease or potential health issues that have been prevailing in your family for a few generations. You need to check that also to choose a supplement wisely.


Depending on the variety of factors, the choice of health supplements is determined. Knowing your health conditions and requirements is as important as to know the nutritional facts of the health supplement. Evaluating them would be possible only if you can compare the best ones available as per your suitability. 

Why do you require a Vitamin Supplement?

Since a few decades, use of vitamin supplements has been multiplied. Due to numerous health benefits by incorporating multi-vitamin supplements they are a hot selling product. Let’s find out what they are.

Most of the users consider vitamin supplements due to their ability to support the immune system, keeps your internal organs healthy. Apart from this there are other chronic diseases in which these supplements help to recover. To know how they are essential for our health, we should start to understand from the basics.

What are multivitamins?

A compilation of ingredients or nutrients that include different types of vitamins and minerals, allowing some other energy boosting natural herbs as well. Combining them all together in a scientifically tested ratio, they are able to match up to a worldwide accepted standard. However, these standards might vary from brand to brand, but the trusted ones do follow a particular standard to make it globally accepted by the users. Simply the fusion of multivitamins and multimineral make these vitamin tablets or multivitamin capsules.

How do they work?

As per the medical experts, 13 vitamins and 16 minerals are mandatory for your good health. Out of these vitamins, few vitamins are such that they support enzyme reactions in the body in the form of molecules. These further create structural elements that help in smooth functioning of internal organs. In various activities, multivitamin supplements are really supportive, such as reproduction, body maintenance, overall growth. The consequences vary when the formulations vary. Ingredients like herbs, amino acids and fatty acids support these multi vitamin capsules to offer a powerful formula to regulate healthy functioning of the body. The only difference you will find in various nutrition brands is that their quantities differ but the number of ingredients is mostly the same.

Among so many benefits, here are a few major advantages that you should know about using multivitamins:

1.       Prevent heart disease

By adding sufficient amino acids, you can be assured to have a healthy functioning of the body. According to a study, usage of multivitamins also supports antibodies and reduces the risk of any heart disease and a few chronic diseases among elderly ones. Medical experts suggest that these results have been attained by experimenting it among 14000 middle-aged doctors, and all were male. The impact was such that it reduced the risk of heart attack or mortality. Also, when tested on women, it was found that those who were taking multivitamins since the last 3 years, they had 35% lesser risk of having a heart disease.

2.       Protects you from cancer

There have been many doubts around this theory, some of the research studies show that those who are regularly consuming vitamin supplements in either powder or capsule form are less likely to get trapped in the cancerous state. In fact, they declared that women having vitamins supplements have 31% lower risk of cancer. Also, they confirmed that with daily use of multivitamin supplement there is a reduced risk of cancer among both men and women.   

3.       Supports healthy brain functioning

From various studies and examples, it would be appropriate to say that with regular use of vitamin supplements in older age groups memory loss can be prevented. Also, they help in controlling mood swings and balance the state of mind in a positive way. Many doctors recommend patients of depression to regularly consume the dosage of vitamin supplements also, as it helps in boosting up your energy level, hormonal condition and replenish any kind of nutritional deficiency. Due to such deficiencies, the body deteriorates and somehow a disease starts to appear. Therefore, with adding vitamin supplements to our daily diets we can prevent such conditions.

4.       Good for eyes

With age, macular degeneration takes place in every human body, which can be prevented by consuming antioxidant vitamins and minerals. With rich nutrients, it breaks the chain of slow degeneration of your vital organs and keeps them going for long. Moreover, there have been studies that indicate success in the cases of cataract as well. For an old age, it is essential to use a vitamin supplement to reduce many common diseases related to eyes.

5.       Immunity boosters

If your diet is not offering the nourishment your body needs to keep your antibodies competent. You must consume vitamin and mineral based supplement, Nutrishots to uplift your immune system. It is not only a chronic disease ailment, also a health supportive formula that keeps your organs going in a healthy way without facing any medical problems. Basically, revitalizes all the parts of your body that need maintenance and nourishment on a daily basis. If you are adding the right quantity since the beginning, you need to wait for any serious health issue. Rather you must try to prevent it from a young age.


Instead of building deficiency after a point, you must try to compensate for the essential vitamins and minerals. Hence, being a fitness enthusiast, you must adapt the Nutrishots tablets into your daily life. Even if you are an adult and consider yourself a healthy being, still you need to ensure that the supplements help you prevent any chronic disease that is more likely to occur where there is a deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals. 

How can the Keto Diet can be replaced by the Absolute Keto Diet?

A recent shift towards Keto diet shows how popular it is among fitness enthusiasts. Here’s a detailed study of Keto Diet, it’s benefits and whether Keto Diet supplements really work. 

What is Keto Diet?

Keto diet is basically a well-planned diet that focuses strictly on a healthy source of food that contains adequate proteins, and minimal carbohydrates. It aims at fusing more fat instead of carbs, as it is one of the healthy ways to keep your sugar level in control. It is quite useful in eliminating and removing various chronic diseases as well.

How does it work?

By following the diet, sugar reserves deplete in the body and converts the fat into energy. This further results in the production of ketones, which becomes fuel for the body. During this phenomenon, the body fat burns and helps in weight loss. This cycle is common no matter what type of Keto diet you follow, as there are different types of Keto Diet, which includes Standard ketogenic diet and Cyclical ketogenic diet.

–        Standard Ketogenic Diet – It is composed of moderate protein and low carbohydrates. It contains 70 – 75 percent of fat, 20 percent of protein and 5 – 10 percent of carbs. This means 20-50g carbs, 40-60g protein, and no limit of fat. Please note that most part of the ketogenic diet should be made up of fat, as it is the basis of the diet. With large inclusion of protein and less carbs makes this diet a success for those who want to lose weight, and improve their blood glucose level. 

–        Cyclical Ketogenic Diet – This basically works in a different way by collecting carbs for a period. After fusing more and more carbs for approximately 5 days, these days become ketogenic days, along with 2 higher carb days. This diet is mostly recommended for athletes, who can burn high carbs to replenish glycogen, which diminishes soon after doing intense workouts. 

Apart from these two ketogenic diets, there are many other types such as very low carb ketogenic diet, Well-formulated ketogenic diet, MCT Ketogenic diet, calorie-restricted ketogenic diet, Targeted ketogenic diet and more.

Please know about the additional benefits of following a ketogenic diet:

1. Enhances weight loss

This is the most basic trait that any ketogenic diet ensures you about when you start to follow on a daily basis. By fusing more fats and enabling them to convert into ketogens by adding rich protein and minerals, is how keto diet helps in reducing the fat stored in the body.

2. Removes acne

Acne is mostly related to wrong diet practices and distorted blood sugar. Therefore, by reducing the intake of refined carbs from your diet, acne can be removed as per studies. And this is what exactly Keto diet helps your body to achieve. It increases the quantity of good fat and high proportion of protein to your body; this simply vanishes the ill-effects on skin caused due to the imbalance of increased blood sugar.  After following it for a month you will observe enormous transformation in your skin health.

3. Reduces risk of cancer

A medical study has shown the positive impact of a ketogenic diet on many cancer patients. At the time of chemotherapy in certain cancer treatments, it has been found that adapting a rich keto diet can be really beneficial for the patients to recover. It actually adds more oxidative stress in cancer cells, which push them to die down easily.

4. Improves functioning of heart

By reducing cholesterol, keto diet reduces the risk of any cardiovascular disease. Therefore, a balanced ketogenic diet is highly suggested for those who are in their middle age or are going through any unhealthy condition. 

5. Protects brain health

Also, Ketogenic diet formulas protect the functioning of your brain by adding sufficient nourishment required for nerve cells. It prevents the condition of Alzheimer’s disease as well.

6. Prevents PCOS symptoms

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition caused by hormonal imbalance. Due to the intake of a high-carbohydrate diet, negative impact leads to PCOS, which includes weight gain, hair loss and other skin problems. Based on a clinical study, if a woman going through this problem follows a ketogenic diet for 24 weeks, many PCOS symptoms can be treated, namely losing weight, balanced hormones, and normal level of insulin can also be achieved. 

These ketogenic diet formulas can be replaced by many reliable nutrition brands that offer internationally sourced keto diet supplements, i.e. Absolute Nutrition – Keto Diet. In this formula, you get a standard ketogenic premium quality formula in which 21g of good fats and high-quality Whey Protein Isolate is offered. This is one of the best Keto Diet formulas you will find in the market, fused with essential vitamins and minerals. The best part is that it is recommended for weight loss, muscle building and a complete diet for wellness. By offering multiple benefits, Ketogenic diet formulas have become one of the most prominent and reliable diet plans that people should follow.


Due to the multiple benefits it offers along with the nutritional values, Keto diet as a supplement should be opted by all those who are looking for an alternative to their daily diet. Also, for those who want an additional nutrition to improve their health condition or even can help in eliminating minor ailments related to digestion, and metabolism. With the consultation of a nutrition expert you can do the modification in the dosage measure for better results.  

How to detoxify liver in a healthy way?

If you want to maintain a healthy liver, certain precautions must be adopted, and some natural extracts can be incorporated. Here’s a step-by-step guide of healthy tips for liver detoxification. 

For complete purification of the liver, systematic detoxification is essential. Liver being the largest glandular organ in the body is set to purify the toxins by default. By secreting bile in the body, the digestion of fat becomes easier for the small intestine. The breakage of fat into smaller pieces helps in the absorption of fat. The following are the benefits of producing bile in the liver:

• Removes alcoholic elements, if any

• Sustains vitamins an iron

• Retains glucose level

• Equalizes body’s sugar level

• Propels hemoglobin, insulin and other essential hormones

• Supports metabolism, and converts ammonia into urea

• Removes Old RBCs (Red blood cells)

The above benefits clearly indicates how essential it is to maintain optimum production and secretion of bile to keep your liver healthy. Therefore, to keep the process healthy, you can adapt following natural herbs for detoxification of the liver, to sustain a healthy liver purification process in your body. Here’s the list of 5 natural herbs that helps in purification of liver:

1. Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba)

A multi-useful ayurvedic herb is helpful in different areas, such as to cure hairfall, liver disorders, and other skin related problems. Bhringraj is quite effective in protecting the liver from harmful substances prevailing in the body. It is popularly used to treat hepatic disorders related to the liver. With a regular dose of bhringraj, systematic detoxification of the liver is possible in a natural way.

2. Sharpunkha

It’s an ancient Ayurvedic herb that helps in preventing liver cirrhosis. With the help of Sharpunkha, hemoglobin level in the body is improved. The natural ingredients in the herb rectify the digestion disorders and support liver’s health. 

3. Milk Thistle

For over a thousand years, Milk thistle is considered as one of the major supports for liver detoxification. The element called flavonoid silymarin enables liver protection, and offers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral ingredients that supports healthy functioning of liver. Flavonoid silymarin works as a toxin blockade agent, which supports in preventing acute and chronic viral hepatitis and recovers the liver from environmental toxins as well. Also, it is helpful in repairing the fatty liver. 

4. Bhumyamlaki (Phyllanthus Niruri)

Bhumyamlaki is a natural and effective herb, bitter in taste, offering cooling and cleaning agents that detoxifies and strengthens the liver. Along with this, it is a multi-purpose natural herb that improves the functioning of gallbladder. With a surety of healthy metabolism, dosage of this herb supports healthy skin. 

5. Chicory

A popular natural herb since the time of ancient romans, mostly used for blood purification. Romans used to consume chicory root in huge amounts to detoxify the blood and liver. Also, the ingredients in the herb are such that they filter the impurities of blood and boosts liver functioning.

All the above ingredients are essential to keep your liver healthy and prevent some serious disorders related to liver or blood. You can incorporate these elements in your daily diet with the help of health support supplements like Liver Detox, as it offers a balanced ratio of natural herbs and ensures accurate functioning of liver. Along with regular usage of Liver Detox, you need to improve on other aspects, such as daily exercise, stress free lifestyle, alcohol intake, quality sleep etc. All these factors directly affect the health of your liver and with liver detox you can detoxify blood and liver.

Bonus Tip: Being health conscious, you can either rely on the natural extracts of the above herbs or can go with a balanced formula i.e. Liver Detox that covers all the natural essentials required to maintain a healthy liver.