What are BCAA energy drinks?

Energy drinks based on BCAA or Branched Chain Amino Acids include 3 essential elements such as Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine that help in building strong blocks of protein in your body. These amino acids are either generated in the body or are consumed in the form of a diet. BCAAs are considered to be essential amino acids, as they are not formed in the body but these elements help in building one-third of human body muscle tissues. Hence, adding sufficient amounts of BCAAs is mandatory to ensure muscle building.  

How does branched-chain amino acids work?

Basically, BCAAs encompass a large portion of amino acid ratio in the whole body. Around 35-40% of the total essential amino acids in the body are made of BCAAs, while the remaining 14-18% are found in the muscles. Unlike other amino acids, BCAAs end up in the body muscles instead of liver. This is one of the major reasons due to which BCAAs leads the production of energy during workout.

Apart from this here are some other roles that BCAA plays in your body:

–          Work as building blocks to form protein and muscle in the body

–          Regulates blood sugar levels and stimulates your cells to supply sugar to bloodstreams.

–          Reduces fatigue level by eliminating the production of serotonin in the brain during and after workout.

–          Out of all three BCAAs, leucine has the highest capacity to help your body build muscle proteins.

–          The other two Isoleucine and Valine helps in producing energy and maintaining accurate blood sugar levels.

Benefits of BCAA drink:

In total, there are 20 amino acids that constitute thousands of proteins in your body. Out of those 20. 9 are considered essential amino acids. These 9 essential amino acids are not produced by your body and hence, must be obtained from your diet. From these 9, only 3 are BCAAs i.e. Branched Chain Amino Acids, which you can consume through BCAA energy drinks. Here are the advantages of serving BCAA drink during and after workout:

 1.       Enhances muscle growth

With regular serving of BCAA energy drink, leucine stimulates muscle protein synthesis in the body and regulates production of muscle formation. As per a study, those who have 5.6 gm of BCAAs after workout noticed a 22% increase in muscle protein synthesis in relation to other gym workout energy drinks.

2.       Prevents muscle sprain

BCAAs have the potential to reduce muscle breakdown or any kind of muscle soreness. The usual DOMS i.e. delayed onset muscle soreness develops within 12-24 hours’ time after finishing a workout session and can stay till 72 hours. Therefore, to reduce stiffness in muscles, it is advised to serve BCAA drink during and after workout. To recover muscles and compensate for the protein levels required in the muscle, BCAA is one of the major performance enhancing supplements for athletes.

3.       Removes fatigue instantly

By serving constantly while performing exercise, and in between the gaps BCAAs are a great energy booster that reduces the fatigue caused due to exercise. When you add BCAAs to your body during workout, the level of tryptophan (an essential amino acid) increases in your brain that doesn’t make you feel exhausted. Rather helps you feel better instantly and recovers your strength.  

4.       No muscle breakdown

Constant insertion of fluids and liquid to your body hydrates for long hours workout, and if those energy drinks also include BCAAs when you can be assured about recovery of muscle breakdown. With BCAA drink, you instantly recover the energy lost after exercise, and when muscle protein synthesis is more than the muscle breakdown, you feel energetic. Even if you don’t feel energetic, your body has been recovered internally. At least it’s not going to lose any of your vital muscle tissues.

5.       Supports liver detoxification

Many athletes and bodybuilders have stated out of their experience that with constant inclusion of BCAA workout drinks in their routine, vital organs automatically get detoxified. With rich amino acids in your body after the exercise, these elements help in removing all the toxic substances from the body and fuse the right amount of energy and proteins in the whole body. This process doesn’t work primarily on a specific organ but detoxifies your overall body cells, and muscle tissues.

6.       Improves energy levels

For instant energy to compensate after doing workout BCAA drink is a recommended workout drink by bodybuilders as it also helps in building strong muscles. BCAA energy drinks add essential energy elements and protein synthesis to the muscle fibers that is required to keep your muscle flexible and strong.

7.       Helps in weight loss

With essential nutrition added and loss of fat or calories in the body after workout, BCAA drink boosts the muscle fibers. Therefore, it helps in maintaining a high metabolism rate, which doesn’t allow or support any fat storage.

8.       Boosts immune system

By adding essential amino acids to your daily diet on a regular basis, muscle strengthening improves and blood sugar level remains normal. This helps in boosting the antibodies or the defense system of the body and helps in fighting against any infection, virus or disease.


 If you are a proactive fitness enthusiast, it is mandatory that you depend on a BCAA energy drink which not only sustains energy levels but ensures many more health benefits. Also, make sure that during the workout sessions, you consume the right amount of BCAA supplement to see transformational changes in your physique.With regular practice of this high-energy drink, you can achieve all your fitness goals.

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