Methods that all men should know about on the journey of losing weight. Let’s find out some mandatory and essential tips to follow.

For men, it is more about physical involvement, which is true to an extent. We must also know about the contribution and involvement of diet plays a major part in helping you reduce weight in a healthy way. Though losing weight can also be achieved only by concentrating on your exercises, it would not be fair to your body, if it’s not getting its deserving part of nutrition. Hence, to add creatine monohydrate-based supplements into your daily diet before workout would help in boosting muscle strength, metabolism and ultimately weight loss.

There are so many nutrition brands in the market, if you search for Creatine monohydrate online in India,you will very few trusted sources of the same category. For example, Absolute Nutrition – Creatine monohydrate formula is a great formula to support muscle strength during workout and also improves your metabolic process. So, if you are planning to reduce weight, you should workout regularly either by yourself or at the gym and use the best creatine monohydrate to enhance results.

Along with this, here are some tips that you are suggested to follow while reducing weight:

1. Eat nutritious food

As per most health experts, you should adapt a diet plan that consists of 50 percent of fruits & vegetables, 25 percent of whole grains, and remaining 25 percent should include protein. Along with this, at least 25-30 gm of daily intake is mandatory, if you really want to reduce weight in a healthy way. If you can, then completely eliminate the consumption of trans fat from your diet. Also, do not miss out on essential vitamins and minerals, if you must then you can also add multivitamin tablets as well.

2. Keep record of calories and weight

Maintaining your weekly report is compulsory, if not daily this helps you know whether you are able to follow the pattern religiously or not. If you find any indiscipline in the timing or quantity of calories, you must immediately rectify it in the future. Doing this will help you track not only diet but physical changes too. Note them down in detail so that you know what all helped in your transformation o a gradual basis. Many also keep a record of their BMI (Body Mass Index), which explains it all in technical language.

3. Indulge in physical activities

Workout or exercise regularly, no shortcuts in this. You have to burn out those calories and prepare your body to consume the nutrition and accumulate this in your body in the right manner. Now, you are free to choose what physical activity you want to choose, you can do gym, weight lifting, running, etc. whatever you may choose, but it should be intense enough to boost your muscles and burn fat. Minimum 150 minutes of workout every day. Also, do some changes in your lifestyle, such as taking stairs, outdoor games, dancing and more. Keep a track of your workout duration also.

4. Cut down calories in fluids

This means you need to drink those liquids, which does not contain high amounts of sugar or calories. Instead they should be supportive in improving your metabolism and should help you balance your appetite.

5. Weight loss supplements

There are a few brands that offer the best Creatine monohydrate, caffeine, Green tea, CLA formulas, which will help you lose weight quickly. But which nutrition brands are good to choose, must be cross-checked by checking whether they are FSSAI approved and have rich nutrition value or not? For example, Absolute Nutrition fat burning supplements and other health -supportive capsules. You can get one of them to support you through the fat loss journey.

6. Eat at the right time

When you are following a strict diet plan, you must figure what, when and how much to eat all three answers will determine the speed of your weight loss. It is not a one-time process, rather should go hand-in-hand with your diet, workout and metabolic speed. Therefore, you must learn to keep a balance among them.

7. Follow. Track. Innovate.

The diet and exercise plan you are following, must be evaluated after a week or two, to understand your weight loss pattern. In case you find some modification can be done, you must do it. And make a new innovative plan to achieve your results. For instance, if you observe that your workout sessions are not as fruitful, you can add more fiber centric food to your diet and see the changes, or you might experiment with different weight loss supplements to get results. So, this is a continuous process that you must keep on moderating, till you attain the result.


These tips are not only effective during weight loss, actually they must be adapted in your daily routine as part of your lifestyle. All these methods will help you reach closer to your daily fitness goals. You can choose the best ones that go hand in hand with your nutrition & body requirement. If you want to customize anyone, it would be suggested to consult with a nutrition expert or fitness trainer.

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