While building a muscular body, so many tips come your way. A must talk about Keto diet is one of them. Let’s find out in this article about how it can help you gain muscles.

When you start to plan a high-carbs or low-carbs diet, there is so much confusion already that you don’t know are they simply myths, or do they hold any strong factual basis to it. So, to understand how it works to help in building muscles particularly. You must find out the role and impact of Keto Diet on your body.

What is Keto Diet?

Firstly, you should know that Keto Diet or ketogenic diet is basically a low carb diet with high-fat ingredients. Now you might think that if it is so rich in fat, how can it help in reducing the mass and building muscles. But this is not the complete story, it has much more to it.

How does it work?

By lowering carbs proportion and adding more of fat in the body, it initiates a body transition that starts by attaining a metabolic state, i.e. Ketosis. When the Ketosis generates, it automatically gives less access to the glucose or carbs to overpower the system. Hence, to compensate for the usual energy source (carbs), the body starts to consume more fat to form Ketone bodies as their new source of fuel, instead of using carbs.

How much dosage should you take?

During the transition process of ketosis, generally you should consume 50 gm of carbs every day with a regular protein diet and rest of the calories are compensated with high fat ingredients offered in the Keto Diet. On an average, it takes up to 2-4 days’ time to generate ketosis, based on the individual body structure. In some cases, it might also take a week.

How does it help in building muscles?

As per studies, there are certain observations about Keto diet benefits such as it helps in building strength and improves performance in physical activities. These are similar results that have been achieved by high carbs diet as well. But Keto nutrition being an opposite diet formula is effective enough to provide the same result. With gradual shedding of fat, Ketosis helps in converting fat into fuel of your energy, which then transforms into muscles.

1.       Record your diet intake

While you are depending on a Keto diet supplement, you must keep a detailed record of the number of  servings in a day and the effect it causes on a weekly basis. This will help you understand in what areas you need to make changes to achieve  better results.

2.       Add rich amount of protein

The richer your protein intake is, the better impact it would have on building your muscles. You can have more green veggies, soybean, tofu, egg white, fish etc. Along with a rich keto diet plan, this will help you convert fat into muscles quickly without showing any side-effect of fatigue in the body.

3.       Take balanced carbs

Carbohydrates based foods are mandatory to get a keto pure effect. But the quantity must not exceed the fat ratio, as it will break down the formation of ketosis. This will slower down the conversion of fat into energy fuel. Hence, ensure to maintain a balance of all elements.

4.       Consume more fat than earlier

A Keto diet plan for weight loss has to follow this strictly, also it is important to strengthen the muscular build as well. The more fat you add into the diet, the ketosis formed after a week supports the body muscle tissues to repair, and evolve by using fat as the new energy source and ketosis.

5.       Test your ketone level regularly

This is not mandatory for you to take up, but if you want to check the level of ketosis formed in your body in order to make necessary changes, if any. It can be done by using Keto strips or through a keto breath test.  

A few suggestions to consider while you are on a Keto Diet:

1.       You can do some interesting Resistance-based training.

2.       You must get some good sleep of at least 7-8 hours. A well-rested body can help you achieve goals in a natural and healthy way.

3.       Keep a track of your transformational journey so that you get to understand your body pattern.

4.       Try not to have cheat meals during this time, avoid as much as you can to see smooth transformation.

Bonus tip: Many are unaware about the hidden carbs found in the beverages. Do not mistake a sweet beverage as a fluid, it will also add unwanted carbs into the body. So be careful while having any beverage. Either count the calories or avoid it.

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