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How BCAA helps in bodybuilding?

All those who are pro fit and continuously look for innovative techniques in workout or diet plan must know some uncommon, unknown facts about BCAA. Find out some helpful suggestions.

For bodybuilding and overall fitness, certain elements are required to be consumed, either through your daily diet or with the help of supplements. Among those essentials, BCAAs are equally important. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) are supreme source of amino acids, such as, Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, which support production of energy and builds muscle strength. Hence, mandatory to be consumed by athletes or bodybuilders, as it improves muscle growth and performance. The percentage of amino acids to be sustained in the body is 35-40%, which indicates the importance of BCAAs in routine diet.

Benefits of BCAAs

Here’s a list of BCAA advantages:

1.       Removes fatigue during workout

According to a study conducted in 2013, with the help of BCAA physical and mental fatigue can be prevented. BCAA leaves an indirect impact on serotonin, a hormone in the brain that determines the feeling of exhaustion in your body. When the level of BCAA is stable, the weariness automatically goes away.

2.       Repairs muscle breakdown

BCAA helps in reducing the level of enzymes such as creatine kinase, lactate dehydrogenase in the bloodstream. These enzymes are an indication of muscle damage. It has been proven by a study that BCAA plays a crucial part in eliminating muscle injury or failure during an exercise or any other daily activity. Therefore, to be able to maintain the BCAA level, you may consider consuming rich BCAA supplements. 

3.       Improves muscle mass

For muscle building or recovery, you need to have sufficient deposits in the body that includes BCAAs as well. To ensure instant recovery or muscle and further growth, BCAA supplement powder can be a reliable source to compensate for the nutrients in the body. With regular dosage of BCAA, a steady increase in muscle mass can be noticed.

4.       Supports weight loss

Even if you are working towards losing weight and want to fasten the process, BCAA powder would be a helpful supplement in achieving the target. It will at least maintain the nutritional level and would help you get rid of the extra fat stored in the body. 

5.       Maintains blood sugar level

According to many nutrition experts, BCAAs is a stabilizer of blood sugar, which helps in maintaining accurate sugar level. With the use of sufficient dose of BCAA, a sustainable blood sugar prevents excess sugar level. This ability is essential among bodybuilders and athletes, as they follow a strict fitness routine. Hence, BCAA supplements are a preferable option for them to consider. 

6.       Helps in recovering liver disease

Rich Amino acids have the ability to prevent liver related diseases, as they include isoleucine, valine and leucine. These elements are quite effective in preventing complications that might have led to some serious liver damage or muscle damage. 

Best time to take BCAA

The nutritional benefits are undeniable but many are not sure when to consume the BCAA supplement, either before or after the workout. As per the popular opinion of nutrition experts, it should be taken before any physical exercise, as it remains active in the body even after the workout and helps in preventing muscle damage or fatigue. Leucine being an important element of BCAA supports heavy weight trainers in repairing the muscles instantly.

Suggested dosage

The normal dose of BCAA is 15-35gm, as it is considered optimum before workout. However, it is advised to read the instructions carefully, mentioned on the label along with the manufacturer’s recommendation. Many users argue about the nutritional capacity of BCAA compared to Whey Protein or regular meals. But the protein level of Whey Protein and BCAA might be similar but Whey Protein offers fast absorbing protein, whereas, BCAAs are a concentrated source of amino acids that stimulate protein synthesis. BCAAs do not disintegrate like Whey Protein before entering into the bloodstream. This way, BCAA is much efficient, but is not sufficient alone. Along with rich protein diet, BCAAs can give tremendous results. With a balanced proportion of supplements, and physical workout, you can achieve a sculpted body that you desire for.