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Whey Protein Myths Vs. Reality

So many apprehensions are floating around regarding the health supplements such as Whey Protein. Let’s do some reality check and burst out the myths about protein supplements in general.

With only rigorous physical training you cannot expect complete fitness. Your body demands a sufficient amount of protein intake. Either you can compensate with the diet or from other reliable sources of health supplements for complete body wellness. Although, protein supplements are mainly considered for bodybuilding, and also to vanish the deficiency of protein in your body, but there are some prominent apprehensions about its consequences. With the regular usage of protein supplements, a fitness regime can be balanced out by any fitness buff. However, there are various misconceptions, especially about Whey protein supplements or other sports nutrition supplements offered in the market, which must be wiped out completely from the minds of fitness enthusiasts and people in general.

Protein supplements are a great source to keep your body organs healthy, but here’s a list of the most common myths about protein supplements that people might not believe strongly but must have heard from people around them. In order to acknowledge the reality, time to fade off some frequent myths mentioned as below:

1.       Protein supplements are Unnatural or artificial

One of the oldest and yet most prevalent rumors about protein supplements is that they are curated from artificial sources of protein, which might be unhealthy. On the contrary, it is not true at all. Please note that Whey protein or any other protein supplement is formulated from a dairy derivative such as cottage cheese (casein), an extract from cow’s milk. The remaining extract is a liquid form, which is rich in protein. In fact, it is a highly recommended protein supplement that helps in fulfilling the protein requirements of a human body, irrespective of the workout regime it follows. These well-fortified protein supplements are digestion-friendly and amalgamate in the body without any complication.

 2.       Not essential for athletes or bodybuilders

Since protein supplements are available in the market, the rumor is roaming around that these sports nutrition supplements are not useful for bodybuilders. Generally, protein supplements are being associated with adding bulk to the body, which is not the only role of protein powder. Rather, regular consumption of protein powder leads to the repair of muscles and fosters energy in the athletes’ body when lost in the workout session. Otherwise, it might lead to fatigue and weak immunity. With the help of protein serving, any such issue gets sorted out, which is a major reason for suggesting high-protein supplements to athletes, players, swimmers, bodybuilders, or heavyweight champions.

 3.       Needed for those who workout

This is the most unfortunate misconception about protein intake. To ensure complete health and wellness, Protein is a major contributor in functioning of the body in a perfect way. Other than repairing and building muscles, it also helps in preventing harmful enzymes and hormones. Also, protein supports bone strength, healthy skin, and other body organs. Hence, you must know that without protein, the healthy functioning of body organs would be impossible. Those who workout definitely needs protein, but those who do not, need it as much as them. When you do not have sufficient protein intake in your diet, supplements are mandatory.

4.       Consumed only after exercise

Most of the gym trainers and fitness lovers can’t do their exercise without protein shake, but they must know the timing of consumption. It is advised to be consumed before or after the workout. Pre-workout supplements are helpful in boosting up the energy level throughout the workout session, whereas Post-workout supplements recover muscle breakdown. Make sure that along with the regular protein dose during a workout, you need to nourish the body with the essential protein deposits for complete body growth. 

 5.       Likely to damage kidney

The formation of crystal substances in the kidney results in stones, which can be formed due to the lack of water and fiber intake. To blame it all on protein supplements is not fair, as there is no evidence as such that says protein powder causes stone in kidney. Rather, kidney stones are formed due to the inability of a body to flush out excessive amino acids. Consumption of high fiber foods and sufficient amounts of water can prevent the formation of kidney stones.

To fade off any doubt, it is advised that you rely on the trusted brands of Whey Protein. There are many contaminated products offered in the market. Therefore, find out the certified and authentic health supplements by the industry standards.


When you search for the suitable supplements, make sure you conduct detailed market research on your end. In this way, you can shortlist the best products in the industry. Please note that other than maintaining sufficient protein deposits for the body, you also need to follow a healthy workout regime, so as to achieve desired muscle growth and overall fitness.