Aqua Fuel Powder Instant Energy Drink (Watermelon Flavor, 1 Kg)

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100% Aqua Fuel 1 kg in Watermelon flavour by Absolute Nutrition to re-energize body

  • Best energy drink for gym
  • Instant booster
  • 9 vitamins and minerals
  • Compensates salt loss

100% Dope free

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Absolute Nutrition – Aqua Fuel 1kg in Watermelon flavour,  is the best energy drink for  workouts, running, or any other sports activity. Aqua Fuel is a specialised running energy drink, with rich vitamins and minerals. Aqua Fuel  is mostly suggested for bodybuilders, or athletes, as it recovers salt loss. With the well-formulated gym workout energy drink, combined electrolytes, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sugar level is instantly boosted to carry on with the workout session.This premium high gym energy powder is completely dope free.
Directions to use:Vacate the ingredients (1kg) in 14-15 lt. of chilled water, serve regularly throughout the workout/training session.


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