Absolute Nutrition – Immunity Booster 60 Capsules

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  • Absolute Nutrition has introduced a complete Immunity Booster 60 capsules for all age groups.
  • This highly nutritious formula is powered with 17 essential nutrients that supports overall wellness of the body.
  • Immunity Booster capsules by Absolute Nutrition is fused with good-quality Vitamin B16, Vit C & D that makes it a reliable formula.
  • With the inclusion of Turmeric Extract, the development of anti-bodies multiplies.
  • Regular dosage of Immunity Booster helps in preventing chronic diseases like flu, cold, cough etc.


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Absolute Nutrition Immunity Booster Capsules pack is a high-rich formula to build a strong immune system. With 17 essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, it strengthens the body organs. Addition of turmeric extract makes it a perfect formula to support the development of antibodies. Due to this, the chanced of getting any chronic diseases reduces. Hence, if you take 1 capsule a day, you can prevent many unwanted health conditions, rather it will keep you active, healthy and protected from various ailments.




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