L Carnitine Orange & Green Apple Flavour Fat Burners 300 ML

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100% L-Carnitine 300ml in Green Apple flavour by Absolute Nutrition for losing body fat.

  •       Supports fat loss
  •       Builds muscle strength
  •       Ensures muscle recovery
  •       30 servings
  •       L-carnitine 2000mg per serving
  •       Dope free

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Absolute Nutrition – L-Carnitine 300ml in green apple flavor is dope free, which helps in reducing fat from arms and belly. The fat loss supplement is useful to tone-up muscles of men and women of all age groups. Absolute Nutrition L-Carnitine formula is a fat reduction supplement that supports muscle strength. Also, it supports muscle recovery and reduces fatty acids in the body. With natural essentials added in the weight reducing supplement, it is a natural pro protein supplement that encourages fat loss.

Directions to use:

Take 4 capsules a day or refer instructions given by the dietician.

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