Absolute Nutrition – Milk Thistle – LIVER SUPPORT 60 Tablets

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  • Absolute Nutrition – Milk Thistle 60 tablets is a liver support formula that regulates healthy liver functioning.
  • It contains sylimarin that supports liver detoxification and overall cleansing of the body organs.
  • In these tablets, dandelion is a major ingredient to ensure healthy liver functioning and detoxification process.
  • Milk Thistle tablets by Absolute Nutrition are fused with antioxidant, and turmeric extract for complete purification naturally.
  • These tablets are supportive in controlling cholesterol and boosts immunity.


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Absolute Nutrition – Milk Thistle 60 tablets pack is a powerful antioxidant powder that promotes detoxification. Milk Thistle tablets pack is a liver support supplement with no dope added. These liver support tablets are articulated with 150mg Turmeric root extract. Inclusive of 700mg Milk Thistle extract, 150mg dandelion root extract these are liver detoxification tablets that support immunity. With dandelion and turmeric root extracts, these silymarin tablets are highly recommended for fitness enthusiasts. You can take 2 tablets a day or as suggested by the healthcare expert.



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