Mass Gainers are mostly popular for gaining bulk, a few know the right implementation of the formula for bodybuilding. Here’s a quick look on what are the good and bad traits of best Mass Gainer supplements.

To understand the detailed functioning of Mass Gainer in India, you need to know the ingredients, variants, and processing with which they are curated. And for this going through the nutritional facts is not enough, instead, you must know what are the best Mass Gainers are offering and what variables can be added or subtracted to turn them into the perfect mass gaining formulas. 

A rich mass gaining formula basically contains a major ratio of complex carbohydrates, which simply means the addition of high calories to increase bulk in the body. Now, depending on the nutrition brand, the ratio of the carbs in the supplement varies. For example, if you buy Mass Gainer Supplement by Absolute Nutrition it will offer 90g of pure complex carbs ratio per serving. And this formulation might fluctuate based on the Mass Gainer brand you choose. So, whether the combination is good or bad can firstly be evaluated from the nutritional value it offers and the second method is to serve the formula for a period of time and find out the outcome. 

Till now Mass Gainer in India more or less offers a similar quantity of carbohydrates, which are not always complex carbs, and therefore the results might vary on each individual. To study whether the anatomy of a Mass Gainer is good or bad, here are the detailed pros and cons of Mass Gainer:


  1. Supremely high in calories 

When someone aims to gain weight, the first thing is to have a trusted source of rich calories, which are not easy and instant with a daily routine diet. Eating carbs around the clock is not possible for everyone. That’s when Mass Gainer supplements are used. They are perfect calorie boosters and with one serving it offers almost 1000 – 4000 calorie intake for your body that can help in building a bulky physique within 1-2 months.

2.       Rich carbohydrate content

Carbohydrate is the most essential ingredient in building a bulky body and also plays an important role in muscle building as well. This is exactly what you get with a Mass Gaining supplement, a dense proportion of high carbohydrates to fuel in for a stronger and bulkier body. In most cases, either user depends on protein supplements or mass gainers, but in fact, both the supplements help you balance the number of carbs and protein in the body. Carbs not only boost muscle growth but also increases glucose levels, which is also required. 

3.       Creatine monohydrate offered

Now when it comes to mass gaining and muscle strengthening, Creatine monohydrate is a common ingredient that you will hear about, but few know the use and its impact. It basically helps in speedy recovery of muscles and supports muscle repairing activity. Therefore, when you have a Mass Gainer, it is suggested to choose the one that contains creatine as well. 

4.       Benefit of L-Glutamine

Mass Gaining supplements are fused with agents that support your overall body growth, which includes muscle recovery nutrients and energy boosters. L-glutamine is one such element that is offered in most of the packages of best Mass Gainers. It is a type of amino acid that pumps up your energy level, required for daily workout, and enhances your immune system.

5.       Variety to choose from different calorie levels                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Depending on the fitness level you want to raise the body for, Weight Gainers are available with different capacities of calories. Among those, you can compare and pick what is best for your workout and body type. Please note that intake of calories should match with the calories you burn, otherwise it might develop a tendency of gaining unwanted fat, over a period of time. 


  1. Overconsumption is a common fault

While chasing a goal, sometimes people forget the difference between the right dosage and overdose. Now, due to underestimating the calorie intake and its effect, the result might turn out to be ugly. This means that you might be taking a much larger portion of calories than you should that can be harmful over a period of time. Before it’s too late to realize, you should consult with a trainer or dietician to know the right measure of dose for yourself. 

2.       Confusion between fat gain and protein gain

Due to a lack of complete knowledge and understanding, many users fail to differ among protein and carbs ingredients. Instead of having a rich protein supplement, they mistakenly over consume the Mass Gaining formula, which consists of major portions of carbohydrates that leads to gaining of calories and fat.

3.       Gastric Issues

If the supplement is not consumed at the right time and as per the measure mentioned on the product label, it can possibly cause gastric issues. If you already have a tendency to develop issues related to indigestion, it would be best to consult a dietician or nutrition expert before consuming the respective formula.


The above points explain that Mass Gaining supplements are beneficial for those who want to enhance both body mass and muscle volume. However, this might lead to some unwanted results if not consumed in a prescribed manner. This detailed anatomy will help you know the better use of a mass gaining formula while consuming regularly.

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