To grow the muscle mass in a smart way is what a bodybuilder or athlete looks forward to. Find out some scientifically proven facts to improve the growth and expansion of the muscles.

Most of the average athletes might now know about the best route to follow while building muscle mass. Whereas, a smart bodybuilder knows well about using food, fluids and health supplements in suitable proportions. All those who are willing to shift the gear from being average to a smart bodybuilder, note down the rules and techniques to implement while building your muscles in an unadulterated manner.

What’s the science behind muscle gain?

Firstly, you need to know about the fundamental basics of muscle gain progress. With at least 500+ calories would start to fulfill the requirement of muscle maintenance, and stimulate the development of muscle size. If you need constant growth of muscles, additional 500 calories per day are essential. Also, the food or meal should consist of rich carbohydrates, proteins, and good fats. Due to an unbalanced diet, excess of insulin starts to flow in the bloodstream. 

In simple words, insulin is a crucial hormone, which works as a deciding factor for the conversion of food ingredients into muscle or fat. In a meal, elements like amino acids, fatty acids, and glucose can either add to muscle or fat. Therefore, muscle cells, which are sensitive towards insulin immediately grasps all the glucose and amino acids with the help of anabolic hormone. While, excess of insulin deteriorates muscle cells, and start to store the food as fat in the body, as conversion of food into fat is the simplest process for the metabolic system. When the body starts to gain irrespective of the nutritional value, the testosterone level naturally starts to fall down. Hence, the intake of food has to be carefully incorporated to maintain balance of both muscle and fat volume in the body.

The ability to synthesize muscle from protein needs to sustain as it determines the muscle volume in a body. For instance, a body can develop 0.25 to 0.5 pounds of dry muscle in a week in suitable conditions like, balanced diet, training, and supplementation. Otherwise, minimum 1 or 2 pounds of muscle is processed in a month, regardless of the calories consumed.

(image of Muscle blaze – veg & non veg chart)

Here are some tips to enhance your muscle mass in the healthiest way:

1.       Keep your calorie intake restrained

You must take least calories to avoid fat and develop muscles. The only rule for calorie intake is that it totally depends on the body weight. Here’s the formula:

Multiply your bodyweight (in pounds) with 15-17.

For example, If your weight is 110 pounds i.e. 50 kg

15 x 110 pounds = 1650 calories

2.       Depend on the high nutrient foods

If you want to prevent gaining fat, add more of healthy foods in your diet, as they competently instill protein essentials with minimum fat. You must plan to gather the calorie intake of proteins, complex carbohydrates, good fats only. The best examples are whole grains, nuts, oats, milk, vegetables, fruits, eggs, chicken or meat.

3.       Prefer protein and fats over carbohydrates

When you eat rich protein nutrients and good fat meals first, and carbohydrates later, the post meal glucose and insulin level goes down automatically. With glucose and insulin level the fat deposit increases in the body. This also improves sleep quality, as the protein intake stimulates serotonin, a neurotransmitter that determines the sleep quality.

Please note that before or during a workout session, you are suggested to take rich carbohydrate foods for instant surge, as it helps in charging up the energy level during workout. It’s always good to have dense carbohydrate nutrients before your workout session.

Bonus tip: 

  • For muscle building, high intensity exercise is mandatory such as squats, pull-ups and dead-lifts. These workouts help in burning out glucose, fatty acids i.e. carbs and fat, hence, supports muscle building and increases the muscle fiber size. By maintaining consistency in the workout and diet, you can build muscle mass conveniently. A significant transformation in muscle building is possible with the help of modest diet, optimum exercise and effective sports nutrition supplements. You need to decisively curate the essential fuel, and exercise regime, depending on the target you have set.
  • Most of the muscle repair and hormonal growth takes place during sleep. Also, good sleep helps in releasing stress. Therefore, at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep is mandatory.
  • All the above recommendations are as per an average human body of an adult. In case of any special condition, or requirement, you must follow the instructions of a gym trainer or dietician. These tips are for your reference; however, the results might vary depending on the body weight, age and other circumstances. 
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