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Absolute Nutrition is India’s most preferred nutrition brand, offering a wide range of health supplements for fitness lovers of all age groups. With our Pan India presence in the Indian Market, Brand Ambassador Sangram Chougule (Mr. World 2012 & 2014) and Female Brand Ambassador Nehal Chudasama (Ms. Universe India 2018); Absolute Nutrition has become India ka Imported Brand. It has now become a trusted nutrition brand among Anuj Kumar Taliyan (Mr. World 2019) and Sanjana Dalak (Ms. Asia 2018), who are also the brand faces of our brand and many other emerging bodybuilders in India rely on this “Made In India” brand. Also, we ensure to support those who want to become professional bodybuilders through platforms like ‘Absolute Pathshala’, in which they get to interact live with Sangram Chougule to know the workout tips and self-motivating methods and much more. Through events like Sangram Classic at various parts of the nation, we have been continuously trying to enhance awareness towards fitness among people.

All the supplements offered by Absolute Nutrition are formulated with high-quality internally sourced ingredients, tested and approved by world-class Labs and FSSAI standards. With an aim to introduce the purest form of health supplements and make India healthy, our team of experts is working to serve you with the best.

Product range offered:

Absolute Nutrition offers wide product categories, among which Protein supplement is one of them. Here are the products offered under this section and how beneficial they are to maintain a healthy and muscular body.

Protein Supplements:


Whey Protein – Absolute Nutrition Whey Protein Powder is an exclusive health supplement available in Chocolate Blast, French Vanilla, Café Mocha, and Cream & Cookies flavor. It is the best raw Whey Protein supplement by Absolute Nutrition with an internationally sourced Health Protein Powder, which is dope free and contains no sugar. This health supplement powder contains an equal ratio of Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate. Each serving of Whey Protein supplement offers 25g protein. Mixed with digestive enzymes, pepsin and papain, Whey Protein is a recommended protein supplement for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Not only professional athletes, but it is the best raw Whey Protein formula offering rich ingredients of protein for normal people who want to build immunity and stay protected against many deficiencies that might occur due to lack of essential protein supplements. Among so many protein supplements, Absolute Nutrition Whey Protein is considered to be the most trusted gym protein powder for beginners as well as professionals.


Whey Isolate -Absolute Nutrition – Whey Isolate protein supplement is offered for muscle recovery and bodybuilding. With no added sugar, Whey Isolate is the best health supplement. Whey Isolate powder is an internationally formulated complete Whey Isolate formula that is a recommended Sports nutrition supplement for muscle building. Whey Isolate offers 24.75g protein in one serving. With high dietary fiber and digestive enzymes papain and Amylase, the protein supplement is used and suggested by athletes and bodybuilders. It is one of the most popular gym protein powder that gym trainers and other fitness experts prefer for building a strong muscular physique.

Muscle meal –Absolute Nutrition – Muscle Meal is a scientifically formulated Whey Protein supplement for bodybuilding. Muscle Meal health supplement includes 1g creatine, monohydrate, 1g BCAAs and 1g Tribulus Terrestris per serving. The proportionate mixture of protein and carbohydrate (1:1) formulates this advance isolate top crude gainers. Powered with 26 vitamins and minerals, Muscle Meal is a suggested sports nutrition supplement.


Casein Protein


Along with other fast absorbing gym protein powders, Absolute Nutrition – Casein is an internationally sourced Casein Blend Protein Powder to improve muscle mass among bodybuilders with a slow releasing ability. Mixed with premium quality BCAAs, Casein milk powder is an exclusive protein supplement to strengthen muscle mass. In one serving, 26g of Casein Protein Powder is offered, which ensures muscle strength. Absolute Nutrition’s Casein Blend of protein is a slow absorbing protein blend that releases in the body slowly. Therefore, it should preferably be consumed at night before going to bed, as it gives best results the next day. With gradual practice, it is a great source of protein that helps in building strong muscles overtime.


Raw Isolate


This formula by Absolute Nutrition is one of the best raw Whey Protein supplement. Raw Isolate Protein supplement is a rich protein health supplement containing internationally sourced Whey Protein Isolate which makes it a complete source of protein for muscle growth and recovery. It is recommended for those who are involved in different sports activities such as, running, swimming, bodybuilding, etc. This is a rich dietary fiber supplement offers 90% of Whey Protein Isolate. With each serving of 1 scoop, it contains BCAAs, glutamic acid and amino acids that supports muscle recovery and bodybuilding. The best part is that it is dope free, and contains zero sugar.


Blend Protein


Absolute Nutrition – Blend Protein is an all-round protein formula for muscle recovery, offering a perfect mix of Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein isolate. With each serving, the supplement offers 24g protein, which is a rich quantity of protein for a supplement to have. Formulated as per international standards, the Blend Protein supplement is one of the best gym protein powders as it contains both Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate. Digestive proteins like Pepsin & Papain makes the protein supplement complete, while zero sugar makes it healthy. Being an ideal mix of Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein isolate, Blended Protein powder is a complete muscle developing rich protein powder.


Weight Gaining Supplements:

Absolute Nutrition offers mass gaining and weight management supplements, to help you gain muscle mass and get a fit body. The range of weight gain supplements includes Mass Gainer, Weight Gainer, Lean Gainer and Mass Fusion. Some of these gainers are not only rich carbohydrates sources, rather contain protein powder for weight gain as well.


Mass Gainer


Absolute Nutrition Mass Gainer is a weight gaining health supplement and bodybuilding. Containing rich vitamins, minerals, and creatine monohydrate with 90g carbohydrates and 30g protein per serving. Mass Gainer is a protein powder for weight gain, though the quantity if carbohydrates is more than the protein, yet it is a rich source to builds mass and muscle at the same time. This mass gaining supplement is used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts to balance out the amount of carbs and proteins in the body. Powered with Tribulus, the complex carbohydrates formula is a perfect mix of protein and carbohydrates, recommended for bulk building.


Weight Gainer

Absolute Nutrition Weight Gainer powder is a mix 90% of carbohydrates and 10% of protein ingredients. It is a power-packed mass building supplement, with no added sugar. High-quality digestive enzymes in Weight Gainer, makes it a sports nutrition supplement for bodybuilders. Absolute Nutrition’s Weight Gainer is a protein powder for weight gain containing 13.5g protein and 112.5g carbohydrates per serving. Combined with vitamins, minerals, and creatine monohydrate, this health supplement is used by those who are beginners and want to gain moderate body weight.

Lean Gainer


Absolute Nutrition Lean Gainer Powder is an internationally sourced weight gainer with precise ratio of protein and carbohydrates to build lean muscle mass. Therefore, it is also known as Lean Mass Gainer that is combined with power boosting Creatine Monohydrate and L-Glutamine, rich protein and carbohydrates. Lean Mass Gainer supports muscle building, plus balances the body weight, which is also essentially required to build a healthy physique. With digestive enzymes, this formula contains a balanced amount of Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate ingredient. Containing no sugar, and filled with green tea extract and ginger powder, this sports nutrition supplement is a perfect combination for those who want to gain or maintain bulk in the body and follow workouts regularly. Due to sufficient amount of protein along with the carbohydrates, Lean gainer is a highly recommended protein powder for weight gain, especially for those who are having a balanced fat and muscle physique and require a push to build a muscular body.



Absolute Nutrition – Karboz Mass Gainer is a combination of both carbohydrates and protein powder for weight gain. It includes 85 g Carbohydrates, 3g-Creatine Monohydrate, and 1g L-Glutamine, that makes it a bulk gaining formula that has high-quality carbs, plus protein to build a strong bulky physique. Karboz Bulk Gainer is a complete mass gaining formula with digestive enzymes such as amylase and pepsin, which is rare to get in all in such rich quantity. This enriched mix of carbohydrates and vitamins, is a recommended powder for endurance, muscle and mass building. It is suitable for bodybuilders, athletes, or any other who is looking for a healthy transformation in their body. This is a complete mass gainer that contains no sugar and is completely dope free.

 Fat Burning Supplements:


Absolute Nutrition offers multiple weight loss/ fat burning supplements that includes no harmful substance, and are really effective in losing the unwanted fat from the body. The best part is that these fat burning formulas reduce unnecessary food cravings, and keeps hunger pangs away throughout the day. Mostly weight loss supplements are based on the fundamental of eating less and burning fat more. With Absolute Nutrition Fat Burning supplements, the formula would not only ensure the burning up of the fat, but will also add sufficient nutritional value in the supplement to make it healthy for the body. When you add right amount of nutrition in the body, the unwanted substances automatically vanish away. The exclusive range of our fat burners for women and men stimulates fat loss, muscle building, quick recovery and stabilizes immunity. With healthy metabolism and muscle growth, the supplements help to lose belly fat in no time. 


L-Carnitine Capsules


Absolute Nutrition L-Carnitine capsules are dope free and help in fat burning, especially from the arms, belly and thighs. The weight loss supplement is useful to tone-up muscles among men and women. Absolute Nutrition L-Carnitine is a fat burning supplement that supports muscle strength ad recovery if consumed during the workout or before the workout session. It enables quick muscle recovery with the help of natural essentials added in the herbal supplement. The inclusion of natural herbs fades away the persisting toxics in the body and ensure cleansing of the internal organs.


Fat Brigade


Absolute Nutrition Fat Brigade is an exclusive fat burner for women and men, as this fat burning supplement is combined with Green Tea and Cocoa Bean Extract. It is a super extreme fat burning formula that includes 1000mg Garcinia Cambogia, 290 mg caffeine to burn excessive fat. Fat Brigade formula comes in Masala Fizz that reduces arms, and tummy fat with 800mg of green coffee bean extracts in a natural way. That’s why it is the most preferred fat burner for women. Please note that while using this formula it is important to follow a regular fitness regime in order to get the best results.


Shredder Xtreme


Absolute Nutrition Shredder Xtreme is a premium fat burning supplement, recommended for weight loss among men and women. It has the ability to reduce arm, chest and belly fat at a quick pace. This internationally sourced weight loss formula is a blend of 6 natural extracts, Chromium, Picolinate & L- Theanine. With the inclusion of coffee bean extract, Shredder Xtreme boosts trimming of fat in a natural way. Due to the quick and natural results, it is one of the most preferred fat burners for women and men.



Absolute Nutrition is dedicated to innovate the best pre-workout supplement to provide support for their fitness training. These formulas include rich nutrients that offer satisfying results. For improved physical performance, muscle synthesis, and faster recovery Absolute Nutrition has formulated explosive energy drinks with internationally sourced ingredients, such as Pre-workout Wolverine, Pre-workout Ripped Wolverine, Aqua Fuel, Beta Alanine, CGT, Glutamine, etc.


Pre workout drinks are primarily meant to be consumed before starting a workout or exercise. Absolute Nutrition has offered some of the best BCAA supplements that helps you recover through any type of muscle sprain or soreness.


Pre-workout Wolverine


Absolute Nutrition Pre-workout Wolverine is the best pre-workout supplement to offer antioxidants and required energy for the workout session. It is an instant energy booster and muscle recovery supplement for men and women. Contains L-Citrulline Malate, Betaine; 6000 mg beta alanine that offers natural vitamins, and fuels energy and ensures muscle recovery at the same time. Pre-workout Wolverine is a highly recommended sports nutrition supplement for growth and wellness of fitness enthusiasts. Available in different refreshing flavours for users to choose the most suitable one for their muscle recovery.


Pre-workout Wolverine Ripped


Absolute Nutrition – Pre-workout Ripped Wolverine is an instant energy boosting supplement with unbeatable outcomes. It contains 4000 mg Beta Alanine, 400gm L-Carnitine, L-arginine, Creatine; L- Citrulline and Betaine. This sports nutrition supplement is appropriate for pre, intra and post workout. The power packed energy booster is considered one of the best pre-workout supplements to promote muscle recovery and building stamina during workout. Highly-recommended for both athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Please note that this formula is completely dope free and safe to use.




Absolute Nutrition BCAA is a preferable workout drink that contains stimulating elements to improve protein synthesis. The premium quality BCAA energy boosting powder is a dynamic health supplement for gym workout or any other fitness routine. The BCAA supplement offers 1500 mg l-glutamine, citrulline malate to boost muscle recovery. It is the best Pre-workout supplement with balanced ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine (2:1:1). BCAA can also be consumed during the workout also as it is also an energizing drink for regular followers of a fitness regime. Absolute Nutrition BCAA is completely dope free and enriched with essential nutrition value.


Aqua Fuel


Absolute Nutrition Aqua Fuel is an instant energy booster for pre, intra and post workout sessions. It is an all-inclusive energy booster drink by Absolute Nutrition incorporated with rich electrolytes and minerals. Contains L-glutamine, vitamins, minerals that re-energizes the body instantly. The addition of sodium chloride and potassium chloride helps in recovering salt loss. It is highly useful in the summer season, as at that time you need to keep yourself hydrated and fueled up with antioxidants.


Health Support supplements


Absolute Nutrition offers an advanced range of health support supplements to help you attain a healthy body, not only for athletes or bodybuilders but for regular users who also deserve to maintain a healthy body. Along with these health and wellness supplements, a rich diet and physical workout is also mandatory. To enhance the immunity and maintain healthy functioning of the body, Nutrishots, Joint Support, Keto Diet and many other health supplements can be used. To fuse the best health supplements in your body, Absolute Nutrition offers a range of Keto Diet, Nutrishots, Liver Detox, Fish Oil, Milk Thistle and more.