The Benefits of Calisthenics are Endless

Undoubtedly, strength can be considered as the most vital aspect of any workout routine and some of us start working out to increase our core strength. Simply put, calisthenics can be considered as the rawest way of gaining strength and is also called body weight resistance training. All of the body weight exercises that do not include any sort of lifting are a vital part of calisthenics.

Push ups, Pull ups, squats, lunges, crunches, etc. are all exercises that use your arms, legs and other parts to build up your core strength. Calisthenics exercises use bodyweight along with the gravitational pull which works as a natural resistor to build up the core strength of your arms and legs.

Calisthenics is for everyone!

Being a fitness article, there is no point in discussing misogyny but still there are a number of people who directly point out that calisthenics require upper body strength and girls shouldn’t pursue it. Men and women have different physical attributes; there is no doubt about the mass difference between both of the genders. However, everything can be achieved with determination, hard work and perseverance, it’s just that it will take longer for a girl to transform mass into muscle but you can definitely compare the same process with a skinny teenage boy, irrespective of their genders.

For a Strong Mind!

Well, a research study has proved that working out can help in sharpening your mind and the sole purpose of calisthenics is to train specific parts and gain raw body strength. For example: If you have never exercised in your life and you start doing push ups then you might find it extremely difficult to even achieve ten in a go because it requires core body strength. First, you need to train your will and start building the strength slowly, it will definitely take time but it will also help in training your mind and accept the progress as it is. Try to take it slow, start by doing a few push ups, lunges, squats, and if you could then also do a few pull ups. If you cannot do pull ups then try and hang still for a while to start the resistance training and gradually your arm strength will increase and help you in pulling up your body weight.

Let’s Clear some Misconceptions!

It has been rigorously acclaimed that calisthenics cannot help you in building muscle as fast as weightlifting will; if we have to talk facts then yes lifting up weights will put more stress on your muscles and will help you in gaining muscle faster. However, you need to challenge and go beyond the limits to achieve fruitful results. First, you need to achieve the highest resistance level i.e.  Your body weight and once you have achieved that; you can then try to increase your reps, add a resistance band or change the difficulty level of an exercise.

Calisthenics and weight training are two different aspects of the same topic; whereas one lets you rigorously gain strength and increase muscle the other doesn’t need any equipment and can help you in building your core body strength.

Benefits are Endless

Calisthenics have many benefits and the first and the most beneficial is that it strengthens your arms and legs to handle the weight of your body. As discussed above, calisthenics do not require you to buy any equipment or go to any gym, you can do most of these exercises at home and just a few require rods that will help you in pulling up your body weight. Calisthenics are considered to be the best way to bring beginners into the fitness routine and strengthen their core, it can be considered as the best warm up combo because it strikes all of your muscles that need to be stressed up.

All gymnasts started with doing calisthenics and all of the movements in calisthenics can help you get better in your day to day life. So, start small, calisthenics is hard to achieve but once you get the gist of it, you will start enjoying it. The mantra is and always has been to train your will rather than testing it.

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