Absolute Nutrition’s Alpha Lean Gainer 1 Kg (Free Shaker)

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Absolute Nutrition’s premium Alpha Series ‘Lean Gainer’ offers a premium 50G of protein per serving.

The New age Lean Gaining Formula offers 34G of healthy carbohydrates, 25.16G of EAAS and 11.04G BCAAs.

Our leading premium lean gaining formula ensures detailed protein absorption and complete absorption and deliverance of BCAAs.

The premium Lean Gaining formula contains 11.04G of BCAAs to accelerate the muscle building process and reduce fatigue.

1000MG Glutamine helps to ease up your muscles and helps in muscle recovery, Internationally Sourced Whey Protein concentrate, 50G protein in one serving, Added Panax Ginseng for prolonged workouts and increased endurance.

Panax Ginseng help you experience prolonged workouts and increased endurance.

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