Absolute Nutrition’s Wolverine Pre workout 450gm (Free Shaker)

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Absolute Nutrition’s premium Alpha Series ‘Pre Workout Wolverine’ offers a premium 300MG Caffeine for raw and unfiltered energy.

The combination of 6000MG Beta Alanine with coconut water powder helps you in increasing your workout endurance.

2500MG L Citrulline DL Malate which helps in reducing muscle fatigue while simultaneously increasing the endurance of your workouts.

300MG Caffeine, 6000MG Beta Alanine, 2500MG Citrulline DL Malate, 1000MG L Arginine, For Immortal Workouts, Dope Free

What it does? – The ultra-premium Alpha series ‘Pre Workout’ Wolverine by Absolute Nutrition helps you conquer those explosive workouts. The fusion of Beta Alanine helps to get you through those prolonged workouts and provide you with explosive energy.

When to Take? – Pre/Intra

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