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Here’s what you always wanted to know about Absolute Nutrition whey isolate protein

Protein shakes are dominating the athletic world; hence, it does not come as a surprise that every serious gym goer drinks protein shakes. In this regard, whey protein powder is considered a kind of protein supplement. No matter whether you prefer to bring a shaker bottle when you visit a gym or are a beginner to protein shakes, you must know every aspect of whey protein powder. If you take a closer look at the supplement aisle, you will discover three supplements; isolates, whey protein concentrates, and hydrolysates. Each product possesses different properties according to its processing.

The effectiveness of whey isolate protein for your body

Human bodies fail to create 9 essential amino acids but they are important to remain healthy. Absolute Nutrition whey isolate protein comprises all those amino acids. Therefore, it is considered a full form of protein. Every person who takes this compound is aware that whey protein comprises a lot of leucine, cysteine, and glutamine and they are excellent to repair muscle tissue and lessen tissue damage. Again, they are also helpful in gaining as well as maintaining muscle mass and augmenting endurance.


Besides being a vital supplement for people who want to bulk up, whey protein can do the following:

  • Helps in preventing bone loss
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Aids in controlling the levels of blood glucose
  • Might help in treating inflammation, type 2 diabetes, and different other conditions

What makes whey isolate different from whey?

You will come across various products in the market and among them, two prevalent protein powders are whey isolate and whey. However, there are some differences between them. Though both whey isolate and whey protein are derived from the concentration of the same milk, whey isolate is nothing but filtered whey protein only. This filtration process helps in removing the lactose present in the powder. Hence, people get a lower fat and leaner protein source.

The chief difference between whey isolate and whey protein is these products contain different lactose levels, protein, and fat content. Whey protein offers between 10 and 15 percent protein content whereas whey protein isolate comprises more than 90 percent pure protein content. A person who can’t tolerate lactose or faces problems in digesting dairy products can take whey isolate as it would be hugely beneficial for him.

People derive lots of benefits using Absolute Nutrition whey isolate protein and they do not remain restricted to the athletes only. If you have decided to include whey isolate protein in your routine, you need to contact your dietician or doctor. Additionally, you must go through the labels and follow only the suggested daily intake.

Visit Absolute Nutrition for quality products

Absolute Nutrition is the favourite destination of bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. Always remember that whey protein, isolate protein, glutamine, or BCAA supplements work best when you use quality supplements. Absolute Nutrition is a single-window solution for all kinds of pre-workout and lean mass supplements. Order then sitting at the comfort of your home and get them delivered to your address.

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