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Absolute Nutrition – Triple Ginseng 60 Tablets


  • Absolute Nutrition – Triple Ginseng 60 tablets pack is a complete herbal blend of natural extracts to build a strong muscular physique.
  • Triple Ginseng formula is a combination of 100% Naturally Extracted Asian, American & Siberian Ginseng in one pack.
  • This formula helps in increasing energy & stamina for those who are into fitness.
  • Triple Ginseng tablets by Absolute Nutrition are highly-effective in relieving stress & supports your immune system.
  • It is a super antioxidant that you need to keep yourself healthy and protected.


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Absolute Nutrition – Triple Ginseng capsules are exceptional health supplements for strength building. An adequate mix of American Ginseng extracts (150mg) and Siberian Ginseng extracts (150mg), which helps in improving physical stamina and athletic performance. Along with Asian Ginseng extracts (700mg), these are competent ginseng testosterone boosting tablets. This is a recommended strength building supplement that safeguards muscle and mental strength. You can take 1 tablet at night, or as suggested by your healthcare expert.



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