Which is the best protein Shake powder?


I believe if you are looking out for the best protein powder then you might have gone through the different types of protein powders which are mainly used for body building, weight training and muscle formation. However, let me give you a basic introduction about the different types of proteins.

Clear the Basics!    

Yes indeed, there are two different types of protein’s which are both processed and extracted from cow’s milk. It contains 80% of Casein and the rest 18% is whey and both of these proteins are highly beneficial for muscle building, injuries, body building, etc. Both of these proteins are highly rich in its amino acid count as our bodies do not form these naturally.


When it comes to the impact of both of these proteins, the results are totally different from each other despite the source being the same. In very simple words, Whey is something which has all the essential amino acids which can prove to be beneficial when you need to distribute the protein after your work out or before your workout. The distribution of whey protein is quick and is recommended to consume it right before or after your workout. Whey protein can be considered a complete protein which is simple to process. While no supplement can match the nutrient value of a natural home cooked diet, however, whey protein can be considered a go to filler for the people who have busy schedules and are unable to fulfil their daily protein intake.


After the 20% of the whey is extracted from milk, the rest which is left is called casein protein and while casein is also a form of protein, its usage and impact is different than whey protein. Casein protein also has amino acids but these are chained amino acids which help in recovery from injuries and are mostly effective while you are sleeping. The best time to consume casein is when you are going to sleep because this is the healing time for your body and casein helps in enhancing your recovery from the injuries. While, whey is digested and absorbed almost quickly by the human body, it takes almost 6-7 hours for the protein breaking process to start and finally it distributes where it is needed.

The Best Protein Powder

 There are a few criteria’s while selecting the best protein powder because I have mentioned the basic differences which are apt for different users depending upon their requirements. Well, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while looking out for that protein powder, let us shed some light on these issues:

No Added Sweetener –Yes, you heard me right. You started your search for a good protein powder to get healthy and trust me, it’s not a one-time affair. You need to be very careful while choosing the right product which is giving the maximum value in a lesser price and is also not fused with added sugar.

Don’t Fall for the Packaging – While discussing the price in the last point, I forgot to mention that there will be a number of so called international and unknown brands which will be offering protein powders in an unbelievable price. These so called products are fake and filled with some sort of wheat or sugar flavoured powder. These dupers just copy the packaging of a leading brand and sell this awful health soaking powder in just 30-40% of the retail price. Isn’t that a good deal for the cost of your health?

 Is your Brand Verified? – Yes, a number of genuine brands these days get their products tested by internationally acclaimed laboratories as an assurance for a genuine product. Research wisely and you will find a genuine brand giving the best product in a pocket friendly price.

India ka Imported Brand

The above mentioned things are very important to look out for when searching for the best protein powder. Being said that, I personally have been an avid fitness enthusiast and have been using whey protein since last two years. I am really happy to say that I use a brand which has never compromised with the quality, gives my super healthy results and also works towards the vision of our honorable prime minister, Shri Narendra Modi. I am talking about Absolute nutrition, which is promoted by renowned athletes such as Sangram Chougule and Nehal Chudasama. Their casein is one of the best-selling Indian proteins powders and their whey protein is also trusted by leading athletes in the sports nutrition industry. Do try a product which is trying to survive with highly competitive international brands and is trying to elevate the health of the youth of our country.

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