Absolute Nutrition’s Men’s Slim Fit T-shirt (Black)

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Fit Type: Slim Fit
Absolute Nutrition Stretchable Gym & Sports Wear T-shirt is a slim fit type. Colour: Black
This gym wear t-shirt is devised using world class nylon fabric for our compression wear, 80% nylon. Smooth and ultra-soft fabric offers extreme comfort and control with supreme elasticity, and expandable ability of handle motion
Offers fast-dry technology that releases heat and leaves a cooling effect. This keeps you dry and cooler for long hours of workout sessions.
Gym wear by Absolute Nutrition comes with UV protection to safeguard your skin from sun’s harmful UV rays, which also prevents tanning.





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    Absolute Nutrition Stretchable Gym & Sports Wear T-shirt is a high-quality compression half-sleeves t-shirt for men with excellent elasticity with expandable ability of handle motion. The material of fabric includes 80% of nylon. With ultra-soft texture of fabric, the flexible gym wear t-shirt provides excellent comfort with light weighted fabric without restriction. Absolute Gym wear t-shirt is suitable for soft skin, fast dry, super breathable, sweat-absorbent and comfortable fit which keeps you fresh and energetic during workout. It’s a perfect fit for any indoor or outdoor activity such as gym, yoga, running, basketball, and cross training. This gym wear is good for different workouts and suitable for all weather sports and activities. Remains cool in summer and offer complete heat retention in winter.


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