The Perfect Guide for Balanced Weight Gain

Intro: The human body is undoubtedly the most complex machine ever witnessed, this contains the detailed analogy of how we consume our food, the air that we breathe and how every individual’s metabolism is different from another. Weight gain is no rocket science, it’s just that people don’t know the right process to move forward and when it comes to advice, all that people have is to just tell you to keep bulking up food, when the real question is, what should you eat?

In simple words, it all depends upon the calories that we consume in a day and is equally connected to the amount of calories our body needs to keep it moving. Let us shed some light on BMR and how keeping a check on your calorie intake can help you in gaining weight.

Calories for Survival?

In simple words it’s the basic number of calories your body needs to function when you are not doing any physical activity. Calories generate energy which is then distributed all around your body to give it the functioning power it needs. It’s directly related to your physical attributes such as height and weight and can be calculated by a simple mathematical formula to understand how much calories your body needs which will eventually give you an idea about the additional calories that you need to put on some weight.

Change doesn’t Happen Overnight

Well, as discussed above, gaining weight is all about eating the right things and simultaneously increasing your overall diet and calorie count. Just understand, it’s the years of small appetite that you are trying to change, so that is not going to happen overnight. If you eat 4 roti’s then start adding one more every night and take your time to finish up your meal, it will take time but eventually you will start feeling the difference in your appetite.

High Calorie Foods

You need to understand that just buffing up food will always increase the fat volume and not distribute the weight evenly throughout your body. You need a balanced diet which is full of carbohydrates, protein, fruits and other essential micro and macro nutrients. On top of that, if you exercise while following a diet chart, the calories that you are gaining will get evenly distributed and will help in building muscles.

Protein is very important while gaining weight or building muscle mass. There are plenty of sources for protein in the Indian food plan and some of them are Lentils, Beans, Cottage cheese, Eggs, Fish, Meat and dairy products.

Indeed, if we are talking about weight gain then we should not forget those high calorie butters because one teaspoon can give you up to 45 calories. Try and add fats like canola oil, butter, olive oil, nuts in your daily diet and use it in a balanced manner to not hamper your digestive system.

Weight Gainers are the Key!

As discussed above, both protein shakes and mass gainers are highly rich in their protein count. In general, you will find approximately 100-150 calories and 20-30g of protein in a protein shake which might not be enough for people who are just eyeing towards fulfilling their calorie deficit. While on the other hand you will find minimum 400 calories per serving in a weight gainer shake which will help you in bridging the BMR gap and you will eventually start gaining weight.

Weight gainers are perfectly apt for the people who find it really hard to reach the 4000-5000 calorie mark every day. These shakes mainly contain a mix of protein and carbohydrates which can be really effective in this buffing up process.

 What do you need?

Well, it’s very simple, if you are unable to complete your calorie goals and there is a big gap between your calorie count and the amount that you are taking then definitely you should keep using a weight gainer.

You Need Calories

Well, it all depends on what you are eating and do you really need it. Supposedly, if you are able to complete your calorie and nutrition count and still you are adding a weight gainer to your diet then all you will be getting unwanted fat. Side effects can also happen if you are not using the right product as there are a number of fake products bloating the health supplement industry. These products just have glossy boxes with international grade labelling and packaging but the product in these boxes is just some coloured powder which cannot be compared with any of the real weight gainers available in the market.

Weight Gainer will help!

I have not been an avid fitness enthusiast and have been working out just from the last two years. I have been a skinny kid for most of my life and after I was unable to meet my daily calorie count which I started to search for a reliable weight gainer. My search got over when one of my friends recommended me weight gainer by Absolute Nutrition and in just over two months I started to feel the difference. I had never felt that feeling of bulking up and now finally my muscles were enhancing as I was also working out. The best part about this product is that it is being manufactured right here in India and renowned athletes like Sangram Chougule are using and promoting Absolute Nutrition’s products. 

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