The Beginners Guide for Exercising at Home

Intro: Well, whenever the word fitness comes into your mind, the first thing that you might think would be is a gym filled with hard-core bodybuilders sweating and working out with big machines. Well, don’t worry, today’s article is all going to be the ladder that will connect you with a fitness routine and might also lead to a gym, only if you want more from your body.

The Essentials

The first thing that you need to do is understand that transformations don’t happen overnight and you are in this for a long haul. After preparing mentally you will need just a pair of sports shoes and some free space to do these exercises. The key to successfully align with this routine is just by motivating yourself daily and remember, you have not stressed up your muscles in a long time, so start slow and warm up as much as you can.

Stretching can be considered as one of the best warm up exercises and if any of you people have done yoga then doing ‘Surya Namaskar’ before your workout will really help you in warming up and stretching up your muscles.

Push Ups

Being an amateur, you must be thinking that push ups require a lot of upper body strength and nonetheless, it’s very much true. Hence, initially you can try and do wall push ups for a few days and gradually increase the stress level. Well, if you really want to push your limits then it is recommended that after three days of wall push ups, do shift to normal push ups. Just keep a check of your posture because no exercise can benefit your physique if you are not doing it properly.


Lunges can be considered as one of the best exercises for beginners after squats. Being a lower body exercise, lunges can prove to be really effective and can strengthen your calf, hamstrings and lower back. Doing this exercise is very simple, just put one step forward and bend the second leg (Propose pose), just remember that both of your legs should be at 90 degrees, your shoulders should be straight and your chest be popping out. This basic exercise can really stretch out your lower body and will prepare you for more stressing exercises.

Pull ups

Again, stop right there, if you have any demoralising thoughts then now is the time to stop and rewind a little back and think, who told you it was going to be easy? Well, undoubtedly pull ups can be really hard to do because they require strength which can pull up your body weight. So, initially, you don’t have to pull your body, just try to hang on a pole and try to challenge yourself with the timing. Eventually, you will gain strength and will definitely be able to pull yourself, don’t lose hope and don’t set unrealistic goals, with time you will get better and stronger.


Let us again focus on that lower body and if I am not wrong, everyone in their life might have done squats in their childhood or in the P.T sessions. Squats are one of the very essential lower body exercises which help in improving your calf muscles, strengthen up your legs and enhance your lower back. Don’t forget that it will hurt whenever you will try to stress up your legs but eventually with regular training, you will get used to it.

Don’t Lose Hope

Just try to understand that you have not been in touch with a physical activity for a long time and all of these exercises will give you pain for the first few days. That pain is just an indication that your muscles are stressing up, which is a really good thing. Just remember what you signed up for, transformations will bring a really positive change to your life and your fight is not with anyone else, it is with your other procrastinating half. 

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