How is diet a key factor for fitness?

How is diet a key factor for fitness?

Losing weight is a big challenge unless you are unaware about the essential traits and role of diet/food in your body. Let’s find out how it can help you stay fit.

Eating right can help you attain a balance between nutrition and calories, which determines the fuel you get and the fat stored in your body. It becomes even more important when the target is to reduce weight. Many people think that eating less would be helpful, but this is the unhealthiest way to look at diet. In fact, those who follow it end up becoming weaker and they start to lose their health instead of losing weight. Therefore, as per researches and studies, health experts suggest you emphasize on your balanced diet more than exercise. Although exercise/workout is also important to burn our calories but that’s not the only way to keep you healthy, you need support of a healthy diet.

Is your food healthy?

Food is your savior, choose them wisely. Whether they are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants or not is important to know and ensure in your daily diet plan. To get it done, you must prepare a plan that is based on both diet and exercise. When you eat right, those calories are burned and converted into energy, and the scope of unwanted storage becomes negligible. That is why you need to understand the role of the 80-20 percent rule. Many dietitians and nutrition experts suggest to follow this pattern especially for those who are looking for best weight loss drinks. Those supplements would work only when you are taking the right measures alongside.

Are weight loss supplements effective?

Any supplement that helps you reduce weight, would be a strong supportive factor in reducing the weight, if you are eating healthy. Otherwise, it would be hard for your body to consume and show results. It would not only time-taking but also be confusing for the metabolic system. Many believe that eating unhealthy food can be compensated with supplements. That’s going to be a big blunder if you believe this. On the contrary, you need to understand the significance of food we put into our body and they can give us positive results. The only way we have is to incorporate a healthy diet, only then the best weight loss supplement would work along the way. 

Importance of 80-20% rule

This rule might sound calculative and impractical to a few, but it’s in fact a well-sorted plan for you to stay healthy. The condition is only to understand the importance and contribution of nutrition towards our health, everything else is secondary. The 80 % is denoting a balanced diet here and the remaining part is of exercise/workout/physical activities. Now, why is it 80 and 20 that is the point. The clarification for this is that whatever you add into your body determines how much is going to convert into energy and how much will be stored as fat. So, scientifically backed-up theory insists that if we can take command over what we eat in a balanced way, and add healthy foods it can be the best diet for weight loss.

Ensure you maintain 80 percent of your nutrition intake on a daily basis. Though it might look tough to know all the right things and incorporate it in a diet plan. Here’s the best diet plan for weight loss that you can follow everyday:

Fat: To reduce bad fats from your body, it is necessary to introduce good fats into your diet. There are so many harmful fats, trans fats which must be replaced with healthier fats. Therefore, you must add mustard oil, sesame oil, dried fruits such as almonds, walnuts etc.

Fiber: To lose weight, make sure your stomach is not constipated. To prevent any kind of indigestion, dieticians suggest you to have more fiber-oriented foods such as green vegetables, fruits, multigrain flour, cereals etc. All these are rich in fiber and vanish stomach related problems.

Protein: Though we do know the vital role of protein in our health, we somehow skip in a routine diet. It is mandatory to have milk or milk related products such as yogurt, cheese, paneer. Even soya, peanuts and tofu are great alternatives to protein. Also, you can compensate for this requirement with Whey Protein supplement. If you are a non-vegetarian you can have rich protein from fish and chicken.

Vitamins & minerals: No matter how many times we are told to eat fruits, vegetables and nuts to boost our immunity, yet we miss out on naturally rich foods. If you tend to skip them in your diet due to multiple reasons. You can also have them through high quality vitamin supplements, like Nutrishots, Milk Thistle and PCT Advance formulas.

Carbohydrates: Those who want to lose weight think that adding carbohydrates would damage the chances of reducing weight. This is clearly a misconception, as per nutrition experts, your plate should have at least 40 percent of carbs, such as chapati, rice, multigrain bread, pulses, vegetables and fruits.

All the above food types are wholesome foods that are enriched with healthy traits, which supports your metabolic and immune system that wipes out all the toxins. So, what are you waiting for? Take these healthy food, and relish your life. 

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