While following a strict workout regime, it becomes essential for you to incorporate a trusted source of protein into your diet. Let’s explore the tips that can help you get the best results.  

After putting so much effort into your daily workout, it’s natural to expect stronger and bigger muscles. So, to attain that you need to be wiser while choosing the diet plan for your daily protein diet. By choosing the right food, it means that the amount of protein should be sufficient enough to repair and rebuild the damaged muscles after the workout. Also, note that the advantages of protein supplements are not restricted to repairing and building muscles, it must include other bodily functions, such as to help you feel fuller for a longer time duration. Other than adding protein sources to your diet, protein shakes are much handy and convenient to use. The point you need to consider is how much quantity of protein powder you must consume as per your fitness goal. This means that the protein shake works differently depending on your purpose. Here are the factors that determine your purpose or fitness goal:

1. Weight loss

When it comes to losing weight, it is highly recommended that you serve a rich quantity of whey protein supplements in your diet. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts have shared their experience of using protein powder while reducing weight. This has not helped them get strong muscles but has made them lose extra fat. Improved metabolism automatically removes unwanted fat from the body and lean muscle mass replaces it immediately.

2. Muscle building

Preparing an athletic physique can be a tough task, and it can only be managed with a quick absorbent Whey Protein supplement. You must serve bodybuilding protein powder for muscle growth and volume. These protein supplements are must to develop a gradual protein synthesis in the body that will help in sustaining muscle fibers for a longer period. Even if the purpose is to only build muscles, both types of protein supplements such as slow absorbing or fast-absorbing protein powder will work in your favor.

3. Muscle recovery

Though many other workout supplements would help you in repairing and recovering muscles, by consuming muscle-building protein powder you can be assured of the muscle growth. By serving whey protein supplements, your muscle strength improves tremendously. And along with muscle repair, you also get the benefit of bigger and stronger muscles. 

4. Improved performance

If you are simply concerned about enhancing your physical performance during an intense workout, serving protein supplements daily would be a good alternative for you. After 5 weeks or a month, you will start gaining results as per your fitness goal. 

 Best time to take protein powder?

To know the most appropriate time to consume a protein shake, you need to follow the hit and trial method initially. After missing a few, you realize the best time as per your workout routine. Here are two scenarios in which you can consume protein powder:

(a) Pre Vs Post-workout Protein shake

The most preferable time to have your protein shake is post-workout, as it is the best time to offer nutrition to your thirsty muscles for better recovery and growth. But some of the nutrition experts recommend you to go with a pre-workout protein shake as it fills you up for the workout session. So, it completely depends on what kind of fitness training you are involved in, as it helps you to choose the best alternative for yourself.

(b) Protein powder before bed

This mostly works for those who believe in slow and steady growth. Mostly these are athletes, who are not looking out for a sudden growth or volume in muscles. They are simply satisfied with the slow absorption process that happens overnight. In such cases, Casein Protein supplement works best, as it is a naturally rich dairy extracted protein form that repairs and re-energizes your body overnight.

Do you know the right quantity?

According to the nutrition experts, the protein powders are usually suggested to be consumed with 30 g of quantity. Though there is no restriction on the protein quantity to be served, the ideal amount that is commonly taken by bodybuilders regularly is 30gram. It helps in improving protein synthesis, which initiates the generation of new muscle fibers in an athletic physique. Please note that as per the research report, with a high protein diet the level of body fat also reduces with a great amount. Hence, by consuming protein supplements in an appropriate quantity not only muscle volume improves, but also you become leaner and fitter.


The above factors will help you to evaluate and design the best workable diet plan as per your fitness goals. You can follow the tips and hints given as per the various factors that determine your choice of supplements and with suitable timing.

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